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Lv 90 weapons quest (Arsenal)

Started by Tita, Apr 10, 2022, 08:37 PM

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Lv 90 weapons quest (Arsenal)
04-18-2017, 05:26 AM
You must have:
> Arsenal Pass Card (get it from: drop from holograph, or gamble for one at Tita beach's gambling place)
> 1 quest count
> 500 gold (yes, a little amount of petty cash. a guide must be detailed right :P)

1. Go to acronia plains, any plains. Then find cafe branch employee near the cafe quest counter (I'll use east plains as example)

Talk to the maid holding tray of drinks. Board the airship (pay 500g)

2. Once inside, talk to quest guide npc.

Take the lv 90 weapon, obviously. She will take 1 arsenal pass card and a quest count.
She'll give you a quest to kill Arsenal Keeper.
Go in the portal at the door to start the quest.

nb. The lv 90 weapon is a drop from Arsenal Keeper, so only 1 person need to take the quest.
Each Arsenal Keeper will drop packages with the same amount as your party members fighting him,
but only 1-2 of the packages will contain random lv 90 weapon

3. Inside the dungeon, spread out and find Arsenal Keeper's room. It have a flowery shape, different than the other rooms.
The map randomizes everytime, so luck plays a huge role~
Here's an example of boss map from the minimap:

4. Inside the boss map, find the Arsenal Keeper and fight it. It will drop the packages.
One party member will get one package. Open it by double-clicking in your inventory.
As I've said before, only 1-2 of the packages will contain random lv 90 weapon.


How to get Arsenal Pass Card:
1. Drop from Holograph.
To find holographs, from Uptown go to Tonka using the portal on the southeast part of uptown.
From Tonka, go to mai2 from the mai2 NPC.

In Mai2, go to the portal beside Expeditionary Gunner.
Inside, you'll find holographs which looks just like this.

2. From Tita beach's gambling zone (Attraction Zone), find this ECO Ticket Girl.
Gamble the basic 50k lottery. You'll get the Arsenal Card easily. Yeah, sure, easily : D
Without wasting a lot of money, seriously : D

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