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May 26, 2024, 06:49 AM

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Progression: Route to level 100/Veteran~

Started by Niktout, Apr 19, 2024, 05:38 AM

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Hi guys,
Just a mall guide on how to reach lvl 100/Vet in about 5~8 days depending on how much you AFK grind with the current server settings:

- Ideally start with 2 Musketeer & 1 Scout.
- Use the free Koko pet for autoloot while you AFK.
- Make sure you +6 your Crescemento Weapons & Armors from Idge
- Use various + % race damage through weapon enchant from Ana and if you get decent gears of same levels or elite level gears, make you to get +2-+3 DR on them as they'll be better than Crescemento gears until a certain level.

- Follow the story quests until Auch, use your exp cards on your 3 main characters, once you reach Coimbra, get Bernelli ASAP to replace one of your current DPS hero as she'll carry you all the time with her Shotgun Stance that spread damage over multiple monsters.

- You might want to grind in Tetra dungeon until level 40, use any over upgraded armor/weapon especially if you find Elites that will make your life easier.

- Go 1 map before Porto Bello the Hold to afk grind in a safe spot until you reach level 60+, you may want to get Rio RNPC from Auch as he starts at level 60 and is easy to obtain to replace your 3rd char, you can easily leveling his stances.

- You can try to do the Torsche's mansion story quests and unlock the 2nd floor if you want. AFK grind is a bit dangerous, ok but not that great.

- Around level 60 and if you have elites weapons eventually, get + wild % damage and go afk inside Rion Dungeon Hollow as you will get a TON of experience and loots of which you'll surely get all the elites level 68 gears you need for most chars and that you can use up to level 84~92. Stay at this place until you reach level 80~84.

- You should be able to complete the last quest from Auch located in Jaquin Dungeon and then afk grind in a safe spot with % lifeless enchant to kill monsters faster and afk there for a few days until you reach level 100 to then be promoted to Veteran and then be able to go to Bahamar from Coimbra.

- By the time you reach level 100, you should have reach Family level 10!

- Note: Rio's Minstrel stance can hit multiple targets.
- Note 2: Once Vet and at the same spot in Jaquin, you can get about 1.85% exp per hour with only Bernilli as DPS in your team.
- Note 3: Still in Vet but at Ancient Skull Dungeon, you can get 3.3%/hour exp with 2 Bernilli and Cannon Shooter Claire which you can obtain at the end of Bahamar Story Quests from Veteran Character Summon Stone.

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