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Browser: How to use Mobile UI for ALL Touch Screen Devices? (WIP)

Started by Niktout, Oct 18, 2022, 07:02 AM

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Here a little guide on how to use the MOBILE UI on ALL Touch Screen Devices which can be Smartphones, Tablets and PC/Laptop Screen with Touch Screen Ability:

- Simply touch anywhere on the screen on you load the map to trigger the UI button top left corner of your screen.
- You'll then display buttons such as [] for full screen around top middle of your screen and F10 to increase chat box, F12 to open up skills bars & INS to sit/stand. on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the screen and also display a TG(target) Button on the right hand side the screen.

- Click on TG button to display AT & ATK buttons.

- Click on TG(touch targeting) button - When active, tapping on an enemy will only mark them without attacking or moving to them.
    When a target is actively selected, you can:
    1) Use the attack button to attack them via normal attack
    2) Tapping on any targeted or ground skill will automatically initiate the cast on the selected target
    3) Tapping on ground will not remove the target so you can move around while still targeting the enemy
- Click on AT(auto targeting) - When active, the client will automatically target the closest monster, based on walk-path.

NPC SHOPS: LONG TAP ONLY to open up 1 window instead of 2. (double tap bug with short tap)
Sell: Double tap on an item to send to Selling Items Window
Buy: Double tap on an item to send to Buying Item Window.(only on Mobile UI)
ANY NPC: When you hit NEXT If you play in Landscape mode, the 2nd NPC window will be outside of your screen, just flip your screen to display it.
Skills & Items to Hotkey bars: LONG TAP to display the item or skill's icon to then drag & drop to one of the slot on the hotkey bars!
Storage: LONG TAP to display the item's icon to then drag & drop from inventory <> storage.
Item Info window(right click): LONG TAP to display the item's information,  might need to rotate your screen to display the item info window.

Note: the whole thing is still experimental, so it's not that fancy looking.

Credits: Antares

PS: Nintendo Switch Browser isn't compatible to load 3D App. Maybe homebrew will.

PS2: How to use F Keys on MAC:,84.0.html
PS3: Linux is compatible.
PS4: Added the following rules: 7b. Using any Emulators like Bluestacks to use Mobile UI and then use any kind of macro program/device/prop to auto trigger AT(auto targeting) feature is PROHIBITED and will result in getting your account to be punished on first offense and then banned on second offense.

+ List of rules:

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