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Getting Reincarnation Rewards (Wings, Halos, Tails, and Cats for Emils)

Started by Tita, Apr 10, 2022, 08:40 PM

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As you can see here, reincarnated charas can have different wings, tails, and halos.

Different from the official server, in Atomix you can get this regardless of what level you reincarnate.
You can reincarnate at 100/50/50 and can still choose any rewards.

You can also change your reward wings again and again by talking to the npc again (for dominion and titania).
You can also use both, for example first change your wing, and then change it's colour.

So how to get them?
1. First, go to North Promenade

Find this purple portal hiding in the edge of the city (see my map as pointers)
Once you're in the portal, choose Reincarnation Teleport.

2. Once inside, you'll see a white space just like in the reincarnation room.
Find this cat npc and talk to it.

Choose chronicle rewards and choose your reward!

Hope to help answering some people who haven't yet know this npc
You can post your new wings below if you want to XD


What about Obtaining a new Halo style as a Titanian? I went to the cat and they only offer to change my wing's styles, count, and color. It doesn't say anything about Halo.
There's always more to know. Don't think about what happened, or how it happened, but rather why it happened, because that holds the most important answer.

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