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Server's RO Browser bug/todo list (WIP)

Started by Niktout, Apr 08, 2022, 05:31 AM

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Hello everybody,

Here you can find a nearly complete list of all the current issues with Ro Browser which will be fixed as soon as possible depending on our free time during the the weekends:

- Critical:
Quote* Char deletion isn't working.
* Can't see ground effect skills such as traps but they do work!

- High:

- Medium:
Quote* Can't see Critical Hit sprite. Using YELLOW TEXT instead.
* The menu for configuring battlemode keys is missing
* Kobold ID 1136 & 1137 show as dark chonchon due to missing sprites in GRF. These mobs were removed many years ago for an unknown reason.

- Low:
Quote* Some skills might need to be cast twice to load their effect. Random monsters may have the same issue.
* Large Skill window tree view is missing
* Monster/pet talk not showing up
* Aura level 99 doesn't show up.
* Izlude & Alberta mini-maps are incorrect while they are on the regular client. I'm still trying to figure out why and it's not a browser cache issue.
* GM @kami @broadcast don't show on top of another client's but only in chat. @localbroadcast does display well.
* Can't display shield sprite from other players.
* Can't display dual weapons.
* No blind effect animation but effect does work.
* Party window: party members names must have the same color as their dot on the mini map
* Party chat: party members chat should be orange as yours is pinkish

Skills issues but damage/buff effects work:

- Swordman/Knight:
- Acolyte/Priest:
- Archer/Hunter:
Quote* Can't see Falcon from hunter but every skills work
* Can't display traps but they do work.
- Merchant/Blacksmith:
- Mage/Wizard:
Quote* Earth Spike & Heaven Drive don't have their 3D Hit Animation yet.
* Ice Wall has no 3D model yet.
- Thief/Assassin:
Quote* Grimtooth doesn't have its 3D Animation yet
- Novice:

Feel free to post below anything we might haven't listed here.


Additional reports from:

Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.66
- Low
Quote* Map window missing
* Hovering over Base/Job EXP does not show information
* When using Character Select after doing an action that activates the logout timer, the count down will always say 10 seconds: "Please wait 10 seconds before trying to log out."
* Skills cannot be removed from hotbar

* Monster's sprite will sometimes not update if the character is on the same screen as their transformation
Test Case(s):
Quote- Fabre transforming into a Pupa in Prontera's fields (prt_fild06) will not update its sprite, /swt2 still appears

Temporary Solution(s):
Quote- Kill it anyways

* Some attacks require another input to proceed
Test Case(s):
Quote- In a memorable fight against the immovable Pupa, I instead had an intense staring contest
- Another win for myself in a staring contest between myself and some porings
Temporary Solution(s):
Quote- Wait for the monster to make an input (attacking, moving)
- The player can move. The target will stay selected. The player will proceed to move back towards the target and start attacking
- Casting a skill/spell may work, but I was a Novice at the time
* Note: if BOTH the monster and player moves, the target will be de-selected

* Rotating your character does not work (Shift+Left click). Sitting down to rotate works.
May be a browser limitation
Test Case(s):
Quote- Shift clicking to rotate your character will just move your character

Temporary Solution(s):
Quote- Use /bingbing or /bangbang

* Platinum skills will not appear until the Skill Tree (Alt+S) is "refreshed"
Test Case(s):
Quote- Novice Platinum skill (First Aid) did not appear until I job changed to Merchant
- Merchant's Platinum skills (Cart Revolution, Change Cart, Loud Exclamation) did not appear until I leveled Identify

Temporary Solution(s):
Quote- Level a skill
- Relogging may work
- @refresh may work

* Holding click to move does not work
May be a browser limitation
Temporary solution(s):
Quote- Keep clicking

- Notes
Quote* Turning off /fog and zooming in may help increase frames for some people
* Skills may not work after resizing browser (potions still work), Relogging (character select) will fix this
* Not sure if it was a visual bug or not, Leveling to job 12 as a Merchant fully healed my character

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