The Starter Pack is limited to 1x per account and contains the following items:

- 500 Novice Potions
- 1x Box of 50 Light White Potions
- 1x Box of 25 Light Blue Potions
- 1x [0]Shoes
- 1x [0]Muffler
- 1x [0]Mantle
- 1x Rainbow Eggshell
- 1x Dead Branch
- 5x Yggdrasil Leaf
- 5x Concentration Potions
- 200x Novice Fly Wing
- 10x Novice Butterfly Wing
- 10x Novice Magnifiers

- etc...

This starter pack will really help you to start up with your first hero to reach 1st job and beyond

Note: The Starter Pack is given to the first character to login of an account.