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Catty Booster's Ignition Skill bug (Potential exploit?)

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  • Catty Booster's Ignition Skill bug (Potential exploit?)

    The issue I found is despite having no catty booster in my equipment or my inventory, I can still use the ignition skill to boost my speed.

    I started when I wanted to remodel my newly built air garden to be able to travel around.
    I used the following website: as a guide with google translate.

    What I noticed is that I could skip alot of big grinding steps with a simple Catty Booster that I got from Diaper Man! boss loot and use it as a booster sail to remove Morg Coal costs.
    With that in mind, here are the steps I took as far as I remember.

    I had my catty booster equipped at all times and had the ignition skill in the first slot of my hotbar from the left.
    I followed Steps 1-5 as normal, paying the registration and remodeling fees and bringing the 30 iron plates to Master Seresa. After listening to airship laws from the guy next to her, she asked me to find more airship parts to complete the remodeling. Talking to her again gave me three confirmations before she took my catty booster to turn it into a booster sail and skip the rest of this airship remodeling quest.

    Happy for getting the airship remodeling done so soon, I went around for a test drive, then at some point I noticed I still had the ignition skill in my hotbar despite not having the catty booster anymore and having another pet equipped, tried it and I get the movement speed buff as the screenshots show.

    tldr: The Booster sail part of the airship remodeling quest caused the bug of keeping the ignition skill with all it's advantages despite not having a catty booster anymore.

    If there is a way to fix this on my character, it would be appreciated as it could potentially conflict with future catty booster papa and grandpa despite having never got them so far.
    IGN: MetalHard
    Class: Blacksmith
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