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Winter coat defensive stats bug?

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  • Winter coat defensive stats bug?

    Hello, I noticed something odd about the damage I received from Cyclops and Angel feather's holy globe when I equipped this Winter coat (I think it's called cheap coat on the wikia).

    Normally the cyclops would damage my hp quite fast but when I equipped the winter coat, their attacks were as good as tickling.
    For such a little extra points in Def and MDef this hsouldn't be happening so I thought i'd report it as a bug.

    However I have a question, I noticed the winter coat had 5 points in water and how water is strong against earth and strong against light, WillyDoos had no big difference in the damage output they did to me.

    Is this the element system at work making me more resillient against certain monsters with elemental types or a bug in the system?
    Thanks for the quick answer, here's screenshots to point out the (bug??) in question.
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    Here is the equipment in detail.
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      Elements just work that way around here, the first few points in element defense reduces a lot of damage. Also, water is strong against earth and light, so no problem on that end too. Willydoo is wind i think?


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        WillyDoo is 10% neutral so far, I just find it odd how it makes some monsters trivial depending on which element you have, Continental Cave BF5 with winter coat on makes it so easy to grind sandfish but if that's how it worked back in official servers then any GM feel free to delete this thread if this is not a bug.
        PS: I did noticed a slight increase in damage from undead type since they align with the darkness element.


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          MinersRock15 it is not bug, and It is worked that way as well in the official server back then, as I have leveled there with Winter Coat as well~


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