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Skill point bug at incarnation

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  • Skill point bug at incarnation

    I have four avatars that changed all job points at 50, but each avatar has drastically decreased although the skill point that should have been learned as soon as he got his reincarnation skiltered It was.
    Please help me, GM.

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    second It is a known bug that even explained and warn for so many times already,
    There even a guide here

    Sorry that all you can do now is wait until GM online in-game and whisp them for reset that manually for you~
    You could also try to discord them


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      @Naruchii- thank you for your answer.
      My poor English sentence was hard to read please let me know a bit more if you do not mind.
      Just waiting like this, will GM whisper to me? GM probably does not know my avatar name. After that, if I whisper to GM directly, I do not know the avatar name of GM as well.


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        second GM that can help you with this problem IGN is Titania-chan

        But GMs are rarely online in-game you need to pay close attention to ECOCP, not to mention Tita is from USA so there would be time difference (she may online when you are not)
        all you can do is be patient ...


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          second commented
          Editing a comment
          Thank you for everything.
          For a while, I think that I will do my best with halfway technique composition.
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