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Ranger Skills Bugs

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  • Ranger Skills Bugs

    Hi GM,

    ​Please fix the following list of Ranger skills, because it is bugging me off.. I want to play the game fair and square:

    ​1. BIVOUAC is not working properly. I do not receive any HP/MP/SP recovery after using the skill.
    2. BONFIRE is not consuming wood. I know this is not bad, but its removing the 'fun' of this game to collect items
    ​3. CAMP cannot be used whatsoever, the tent is not pitched, although i have the tent already.
    ​4. Please check the skills [insect, animal, bird, etc] Knowledge, cause i think there is not difference whether i have or not have the skills, Cause the drop rate been raised to 3x. Could i get a more drop rate after learning this skills?

    ​Here are some SS to proof my report.

    ​Thanks a lot GM, please make this game fair and all the features are working.
    here is before i use the skiil this is after using the skills. the fire was built, but notice my wood is not consumed. about to use the CAMP skill, i already have the tent.

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    fastdash777 it is a known bugs.. and some player even made a complete list for reported bug skill list.. so You need to be patient It is not only you that play as Ranger.. Skill bug fixing is kinda slow here~

    Note that every knowledge skill work just fine ...


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    Okay.... hope it’ll be fixed soon thanks.


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