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"You are already logged in,Reset the current login status"

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  • "You are already logged in,Reset the current login status"

    When the game got stuck, I forcing to close the game.
    But I cannot login after that, please help me check out that. Thanks.
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    Server is going through one of it's phases, We will have to wait for the server admin to restart it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Server has been restarted.
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      I see. Thanks for your reply~


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        I got this problem too. ; __ ;


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          Good Evening GM or anyone who can solve the problem. Please help me. Because I can not login to the game, it always stated "You are already logged in, Please reset your current login status". I have tried to restart my laptop for 5 times but it does not have any effect. the problem still occured.
          I got disconnected from the server at 22.30 JKT/BKK time (GMT+7) at Enigma Fortress entrance. Please Help me. Thank You very much for your attention


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            alphacube You can only wait for server restart, if not wait several hours /days it might fixed by itself~


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              Good Evening or good night, Ms.Narucchi, I humbly thank you for all of your kindness to reply my post. I will follow your suggeestion to wait for 24 Hours since my first log-in if it is what you meant. Thank you for your reply.


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                alphacube I notice you can already online now~ gratz


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