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I can't Login

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  • I can't Login

    It says
    You are already logged in,Reset the current login status
    Failed to connect the server
    Last edited by hikarifuwa; 05-05-2017, 03:21 PM.

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    If you dc, your char might still be marked as online on the server, so you'll get that notification.
    Try several times, and if you still aren't able to login, close all eco clients and reopen.

    While failed to connect the server means either you have bad connection or the server is down.


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      So I'm not the only one who's experiencing this and was about to post of this haha.


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        Edelweiss hikarifuwa Yep. I tried and I get that too. Server is down, apparently. Already ask GMs for a server restart, lets just wait


        • Edelweiss
          Edelweiss commented
          Editing a comment
          LOL I thought it was from my side of connection error. And three of my characters were stuck... omgwhy ;_;
          Well nothing can we do about that if the server is down.

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        So, the server is down? me too LOL, my char is still stuck there. and when i tried to use my other char, its failed to connect to server, hope we can login soon


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          In case anyone here didn't notice, the server had been restarted just now. So now we can login into the game.


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