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  • Selling Airship Sails

    In this day and age where technologies spread like germs,
    Where the sky is blue and the grass is green,
    how can you haven't got an airship?

    umm, what is an airship?

    So, according to ECO wiki,
    An Airship/ Flying Garden is a floating vehicle used for air travel, residence, and storage
    To create one, you'll need six of these!
    img: Revolving Sail of Air Ship

    umm, how do i get one?
    Not one!! but SIX!!

    umm okay, how do i get six of those?
    I will provide those for you!!

    umm I'll have one then..
    I told you SIX!!

    SO, what are you waiting for!!
    Live your dream of having your castles in the skies!
    Where you can lounge all day - with a chance of people barging in,
    Or start decorating with furnitures and stand-still pets

    Limited Stock, hurry!
    Post your order down here~
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    How much for a complete set?


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      I'll let you have it for 12m~

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    Oh, and because they're kinda a little tiny bit heavy,
    I'll help you bring them to the Airship Engineer (if you want) ~

    The engineer will keep them for you even though you havent got the other parts.


    There are other parts needed?
    Yes, unfortunately

    What are the other parts?
    See my 2nd pic attachment

    How to get them?
    They're FREE (once per day) from Lower Iron City

    The parts cycle daily, and a different part is given each day
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    • Swivel
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      Do you want to build an airship?
      Come on lets go and fly~
      I want to see you decorate
      Come out the door
      you'll like flying away..!

      airship can be best buddy
      if you have one
      I wish you would show me one!

      Do you want to build an airship?
      It doesn't have to be a hassle

      You: Go away Sail Seller!
      Me: Okay, bye ._.
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