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Open Pre-order - Monster Figure & Sketches!

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  • Open Pre-order - Monster Figure & Sketches!

    Have you ever think that a monster is cute?
    Have you ever fall in love with a monster's design?
    Have you ever want to snatch a monster and bring it back home?

    (well, probably you haven't, but..)
    Worry no more because I can do that for you!!
    whoaa but how?

    I can make figures (furniture) out of every monster in the ECO universe!
    whoaa so cool! what kind of-

    Any monster is fine, even bosses and almas!

    whoaa how abou-

    Even non-monster things like treasure chests and machinery clusters!!

    So you can decorate your Airship with WHATEVER you want!
    whoaa how much should i pa-

    It's cheap!
    Really cheap, absolutely affordable, definitely!
    ( it not reassuring?)

    Bring your own clays and get cheaper price!

    Post your order down here!
    my IGN: Swivel (probably will online when there're orders)


    edit: will post some screenshots of figures soon~

    Last edited by Swivel; 03-09-2017, 07:02 AM.

  • #2
    I want to order :
    # Catoblepas Figure (don't know if its the correct spelling or not)
    # Dungeon Fly Figure
    # Mastering Figure (if can?)

    How much for it??


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
      Editing a comment
      Hmm I'll give you 10m for all 3~
      How about that XD

    • Naruchii-
      Naruchii- commented
      Editing a comment
      Swivel Sure~ (/◕ヮ◕)/

  • #3
    Great buyer to deal with, fast payment (testimonial template from online shops XD lol)
    ​Hope you enjoy your figures Naruchii-
    Would appreciate screenshots of them in your AS here, if you'd please

    Monster figures ready.png


    • #4
      how much for only sketches monster?


      • Swivel
        Swivel commented
        Editing a comment
        According to the kind of monsters. Several hundred thousands of gold will do I think

    • #5

      The figures are lovely~!!
      Will be buying more if I found more mobs to be in my AS


      • Swivel
        Swivel commented
        Editing a comment
        Lovely! ^ ^

    • #6
      ty a lot and nice to do business with you


      • Swivel
        Swivel commented
        Editing a comment
        Nice one
        I think you need a more water-y floor too~
        Last edited by Swivel; 06-13-2017, 08:05 AM.

    • #7
      Hope you like it Ryozeta

      Ferion Figures.png


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