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Reincarnating (Getting to 3rd/ Chronicle Job) and leveling to 127 afterwards

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  • Reincarnating (Getting to 3rd/ Chronicle Job) and leveling to 127 afterwards

    I posted this first as a reply to a question in my thread for newbies.
    Decided to make it a guide here since there haven't been any.

    When you reach lv 100, your char can reincarnate to stronger being, along with the advancement to last job, the chronicle job.

    Titania becomes Arc-Titania
    Dominion becomes Ex-Dominion
    Emil becomes High-Emil

    They all come with bonus gift like wings, tails, or pet

    Reincarnating, you will turn back to level 1, so all skills and stats are reset.
    You will have all your previous job skills unlocked, with max skill points.

    All bonus/ free skill points you got from hidden quests will be gone (it's a bug and hopefully will be fixed soon).
    So if you wanna do those quests do it after reincarnating.

    Base level 100 and job lv 50 on both 2nd jobs (Lv 100/50/50).

    Part 1, Getting the dragon jewel by hunting Emil Dragon
    You'll need 1 Dragon Jewel to reincarnate. This involves hunting Emil Dragon which is really tough for non-reincarnated chars. So it's recommended to get help from old players around.
    The item can also be traded so buying is possible.

    > Go to abyss, the one which entrance is from the end of tita beach (not abyssal tower).
    > Walk until you find a cafe-like place with chairs and people sitting, and a portal in the middle
    (see map, it's emil dragon's place)

    Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 17.27.16.png

    > Enter the portal, and you will find npc Emil Dragon.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 16.38.15.png < Npc Emil Dragon

    > He will ask you to challenge him, challenge and take the quest (need 1 quest count).
    > After you take the quest, walk past the npc Emil Dragon to his back, there's a hidden portal.
    > Fight non-npc but monster Emil dragon there.
    > After finished, there'll be a red portal in the middle that will bring you back to npc Emil Dragon.
    > Finish the quest and you will get Dragon Jewel.

    Part 2, Reincarnating
    > Still in abyss, find any house-like building and enter (hidden portal at the door part). Make sure you have dragon jewel in inventory.
    > Inside, there's a book on the table. Walk to it.
    > You'll be teleported to a white nothingness place (and lose the jewel), with an npc sitting alone. Talk to him.
    > Choose the appropriate reincarnation job. (Archer -> Hawkeye, Vates -> Cardinal, etc)
    List of chronicle jobs:

    > Tadah, you're reincarnated. Now kill yourself.
    > Seriously, to prevent any leveling bug, it's best to kill yourself, just go outside and attack any monster. You'll die. Lol.

    Part 3, Getting to max level, 127/50
    There used to be a guide for fast level-jump to lv127/50.
    But since it's a bug which shouldn't be abused and will be fixed by GM, we removed it.
    Some bug's still there, like sometimes you'll level-jump when taking quests after dying, don't be surprised.

    Sorry for the misleading title and such.

    Part 4, Getting the reincarnation reward (wings, tails, pets)


    Prevent losing 2-1 or 2-2 job skill points upon reincarnating.

    There's this bug where you'll lose the skill points you've used on your last job before reincarnating.
    If you reincarnate on 2-2 job, for example on Bard job. Then the skill points you've used on bard job might be gone when you reincarnate.

    To prevent this, reset your skills before you reincarnate.
    Remember, don't take any skills after your reset until you reincarnate.

    How to reset?
    > Change your job again on Sage Master's house (using forbidden book). For example, necro back to cabal -> don't take any skills on cabal.
    > Reset from the npc in Sorcerer's Room (North Promenade City) if you haven't used it. It's free but one time only. Only spellusers can get there, but any jobs can possess a spelluser to get in and get a free reset.
    > Reset from the Bad Merchant npc in Uptown, by paying 3 silver medals. You can get silver medals from thunder king and hell king. Or exchanging 10 copper medals for 1 silver at the guard npc on North Cape. Copper medals from orange guttingers and some other robots at LT (Light Tower).
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