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Basic Information for Newbie at AECO

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  • Basic Information for Newbie at AECO

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    Imma like this post but comic sans??


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      *turns out i need atleast 10 characters to post this comment*

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      I used georgia @@
      the comic sans just for the -To be continue- is it not ?@@
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    Thanks as always Naruchii- but where can i get nymph?


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      Alexandria Your Welcome~!

      Err.. You meant Nymph Marrionette? you can get it from the rare drop of the monster Fairy @Momo plains


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        hello there, Alexandria,
        if you want a Nymph marionette, It's very easy!

        First off you'll need a Jade, (Rare drop from Banshees and Furies using Fairy Knowledge, or you can get them from Eastern Watchdog in front of the dungeon entrance. one item per account)
        and a Curious Pupa (uncommon Drop from Nymph Tree)

        after you collected both,
        Go to The Virgin Forest (It's northeast of the Eastern Dungeon)
        Then go at the southwest part of the virgin forest map
        Wander around at the dead end until you're warped to the Poison swamp, then go to the portal
        Talk to nymph chief, (You'll get a text less prompt, Chose Yes)
        Congratulations! you've got your own Nymph marionette!~

        PS: i got mine in less than 30 minutes starting with nothing.
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          Ruka Urushibara already got it not long after naruchi replied & I lazy to make it better to just get from drop


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