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Will You Be My Valentine?

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  • Will You Be My Valentine?

    Hello Hello Acronia-san~!

    So for the next event, you are going to write a Valentine Love Letter; Post it here; That's it.

    It's a very simple event. How do you win? Actually, I don't know. We'll see~

    Event will Start Now, and end Valentines Night. (EST)
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    All Grand Auto I Love You ♥


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      ECO, I love this game. please marry me hahahaha.
      Just kidding.

      I love you all, for making this server and this community so great.


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        A Valentine letter for jj0nsu

        Roses are red
        Violets are blue
        You looks so sweet
        And i wish i could eat you.




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          for Ruka Urushibara




          • holysons
            holysons commented
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            My IGN is Reona xD

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          Dear You

          It's been hard for me to ... Talk to you...
          I wonder why..... I talk to others normally... Without any troubles..
          Why i wonder... I feel afraid.. to hurt your the words that i write...
          I always keep thinking of you... i feel excited when you logged...

          Sometimes it tick my heart when you talk to others... Especially when it looked lovey dovey..
          I know it's stupid... But... It just... Hurt.. this feeling called .. " Jealousy ".

          And now.. it grew stronger... And stronger....that i finally understand...

          That.. i Love you... In fact i love you so much that it's overwhelming...

          That's why...

          Will you go out with me... ?

          ( Gyaaa this so embrassing > /// __ ///


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          My letter directed to special someone who always there for me when i'm sad,happy,troubled,sick,selfish,or even angry..

          Thank you and i'll always love you..

          Happy Valentine Day~


          • Shizuru
            Shizuru commented
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            i forgot to put my ign.. It's Shizuru~
            Surprised right xD
            Don't think soo... orz

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          To my Valentines,

          Let me tell you, today is a special day; For this is the day you've came to me;
          Asked me my name, my hobbies, we sat and talked for minutes to hours. The door to my heart surely opened
          when we parted ways and met again the next day. Even though it wasn't Valentine's day anymore; You've said those
          special words to me. The words I'll never forget. Allow me to remind you of those special words...


          I love you Acronia, Happy Valentine's Day to you all. ♥


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            Dear Ridy senpai,
            It been a long time that I see you on east bridge.
            This is your love on the other side. Time has passed like tide from the moment we first saw each on the east bridge until today.

            Things have changed around us, but one thing which shall never be changed by time or anything else is my love. Every passing moment strengthens the bond between us.
            Your love has completed my life to guide me to find some items and stuff and if there is anything which I can provide you with in return to this is my love for lifetime.

            No matter what may come tomorrow, my love shall always be as strong as forever.

            Your love,


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              To My Wub Wub~
              "I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you."

              I love you, My 2d husbando , ♥Tachibana Makoto♥

              Just Kidding, To my dearest~
              Sorry it took awhile to actually wrote this, But hey, confessions takes a lot of courage ya know~ Never seen those animu confessions!?
              Do you still remember the day we talked? Me neither 8{D
              Never would it crossed my mind for us to actually become close. But every moment where we would spend time together and talk despite the distance brings me so much joy and I loved every moment of it and you're only everything I ever dreamed of. I hope this never ends~ But I just want to say, I love you! Happy Valentines Day~

              Wub Wub XOXO~


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                Dear Tita,
                I want to say, that i admire you so much. you help me so much
                when i curse a bug(Black screen) you help me.
                when i got rubbing gold in golem you help me too.
                I play many game and i thinks tita you are a best GM.
                Love you all GM ECO Atomix.



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                  Thank you to everyone who participated and followed the instructions~ Winners were contacted on the Discord. You should know what to do from there~


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