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  • Christmas Wishlist

    Greetings Acronia So it's officially December 1st, 2017 and in 23 Days (So on December 23rd, Submissions will be closed off.)
    this thread will be locked up.

    So what are you in this thread for you ask? A few days ago on our Community Discord-chan I mentioned something about this sort of 'Event'
    So to make a long story short I'm going to lay out a few rules here. So listen carefully because if you do not follow them,
    you might miss your chance at getting that one item you want!
    You don't have to post it today or tomorrow, just as long as your submission
    is in BEFORE DECEMBER 24th(so make sure you do not forget!)

    okay okay so here's all you need to do, ready? There's 3 SIMPLE STEPS!

    1. Think about the ONE Item you want in game.

    2. Come back to THIS THREAD, and Post the Item Name Here Or the Item Number

    3. Wait for Christmas Day to arrive (December 25th via EST)

    P.S Now keep in mind, should you post your one item, you are free to change it later. But after the thread is locked; I'm not taking
    resubmissions into account. ^^; This is why I'm giving you so many days to think about what you want.

    P.P.S Don't ask for God Items either, those are clearly off the table. ¬¬. Soo with that being said, I hope to see lots of submissions before
    December 24th! Ufufu~
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    Hi Tita I'm Renji I want Griffin


    • ridy
      ridy commented
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      ロイヤルガードグリフォン = Royal guard Griffon = 10089400
      edit 12-22-2017
      Last edited by ridy; 12-23-2017, 06:43 AM.

    • Katob99
      Katob99 commented
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      Thank You Ridy ^_^ ♥

  • #3
    Hi I'm Shiba Item which I want is Neko slipper (item number is 50064450)


    • #4
      Hello i'm Rinrin i want Black Sweater With Skull Print,
      item number 60103652


      • #5
        I would like to ask for a Catty Booster Grandpa (Light), the grandpa booster one for Titania race. Dunno about the item number. D:
        IGN's Ventfleur.

        If you ever need to mention me in Discord, the name is same as my forum name in the chat group.
        Last edited by Ventfleur; 12-02-2017, 02:48 PM.


        • ShibaInoob
          ShibaInoob commented
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          item number is 10057652

      • #6
        I won't ask anything xD.....


        • #7
          Yo, i'm in this too. Took me a while to find an interesting item, too bad a lot of items i want are not ingame, but i guess I might just go for this 50180450. My IGN is : Makoto.


          • #8
            any all-job all-level 2 handed sword with increase critical passive skill


            • #9
              i dont know the item number but it's called 萌芽のペンダントin japanese it's those neck acc from kuji ((anyway may i ask where i can check ECO items number?))
              IGN: Arturia


              • Tita
                Tita commented
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                50094500 (Sprout Pendant)

            • #10
              Can I ask for the dress 60127800?


              • #11
                My hopefully one set level 99 there are sward, dress, hat and ect.


                • #12
                  Hi~ I'm Shizuru with IGN Shizuru and i wish for 60167700~
                  Thank you~
                  Last edited by Shizuru; 12-04-2017, 02:55 PM.


                  • Tita
                    Tita commented
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                    Item doesn't exist. Just a heads up~

                  • Shizuru
                    Shizuru commented
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                    Okay then 60103653~

                • #13
                  Hi Tita I'm SofTSouLCooL I wish for
                  Royal Guard Griffon - item no. is 10089400


                  • #14
                    Hi Tita I'm GOODA .I don't like writing it in English, but something I want is this. So that to may transmitted.

                    Royal guard Griffon 10089400


                    • #15
                      Hi Tita, My IGN is 'Burēdo'. I wish for 着崩しパーカー(白), the item number is 60122250. Thanks in advance~


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