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New Player: Come and don't be shy! Ask us anything! :D

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  • New Player: Come and don't be shy! Ask us anything! :D

    Made this thread because there have been many new players lately~
    So here it is,
    General Discussion about ECO, ask anything!

    You can ask about jobs, quests, NPCs, shops, hidden shops and how to open them, monsters and bosses, fashion items, how to make money, airships and furnitures!

    I (and some old players) will answer and even make a guide about it!

    Guides made so far
    > Reincarnating: what it is and how to
    > Getting Reincarnation Rewards (Wings, Tails, Halos, Pets)

    > Lv 90 weapon quest (arsenal)

    > Lv 99 weapon & armor quest
    > Lv 110 weapon

    > Lv 75 armor hidden shop quest
    > Lv 110 armor crafting by ridy

    On progress:
    > Kuji (getting IM) quest

    ECO Wiki:

    Newbie Guide & Basic Infos

    DEM Guide by Rilene

    ​First Job Guides by Naruchii- and Miyuki~Kyuketsuki
    > First class jobs and leveling up at that phase
    > Farmer
    > Alchemist
    > Swordman
    > Archer

    Contents of:
    Wooden Boxes
    Treasure Chests

    Additional & Fashions:
    Hair Codes
    Face Codes
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    Hello there, i'm wondering if you have any beginner's guide for total noob?
    i don't have a clue as to where to go or what to do.
    pardon for the noob question.


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      Replied in game.
      Good luck with your hunt~

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    Hi,I want to know about
    -reincarnated quest
    -chronicle class armor quest

    Do you have any guide or tell me an information about this

    thanks in advance for any help


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      1. How to reincarnate:
      Created a guide just for you
      Good luck!

      2. Getting lv 99 + armors and weapons.
      This part is far LONGER and HARDER than the one above. I will surely make time to write and screenshot everything )
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    • ShunClaude
      ShunClaude commented
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      sorry, Chronicle class armor quests haven't implemented in this server.
      As exchange, AECO has 2 kind of armor (the best for now)
      1. Normal Class armor lv 99
      Swivel will tell you later
      2. Armor lv 110 (normal armor)
      these armor are kinda hard to get coz u need a lot of mats
      I forgot for the detail, but....
      At least you must collect relics which drop from mobs in abysall tower
      the best spot for relics... abysall tower 3rd floor... drop from pururus (drop rate: uncommon, rare, super rare) So, be patient.
      eg: red pururu drops red relic
      And collect abysall matter which drop from all mobs in abysall tower.
      you can get other materials by exchange 50 or 100 Abysall matter for 1 randomly material to NPC in Abysall lobby.

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    Hi Could you tell me how to exchange medals for any kuji items
    Thank you


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      Replied in game,
      but for others who wanna know:

      First of all, in AECO you cant open IM shop, but you can get them via quest.

      Have chronicle job
      Have certain fame (I think 15 or 25, but if you're alrd reincarnated and quest your way up to 127, you'll have enough)
      Have enter tita beach via tiny island (if you don't see the npc, try entering via tiny island)
      Have quest point

      Part 1, Getting Eco Medal II
      > Go to tita beach, walk across the beach and you'll find a white bridge with a buffed surfer-man on it, named Haschel.
      > Talk to Haschel, pick a quest. There'll be emil dragon and almas to fight.
      Almas have a bug so when the bug happens they'd be easier to kill but you might also bug yourself and cannot cast skill,
      while Emil Dragon has much lower HP but annoying skills that makes it hard to kill. But it's safe from bugs.
      take one quest.
      > Talk to Haschel again to enter the dungeon.
      > Kill the boss. After finished, there'll be a red portal in the middle that will bring you back to Haschel.
      > Talk to Haschel (or any other quest npc like cafe maids) to receive the reward, Eco Medal II

      Part 2, Exchanging Eco Medal II to kujis

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    Hello I would like to ask about lv90 Weapon Quest in Mai Mai.
    Could you guide me how to do it?
    Thank you.


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    What are these item? and What they can do?


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      Sorry to say this but.. those items kinda useless here ._.

      First, the rainbow box.
      Heartmate Carnival Lottery is the lottery of official Eco's 6th anniversary.
      At that event, they kinda have an NPC to open that box. so.... we can't

      Yes, the lottery contains of cool items. But, it's the best items picked from previous lotteries. If you want them, don't pick Heartmate. Search for the items you want from previous lotteries and you'll find them.

      Second, the orange ticket.
      In official server, it's called EX Event Ticket.
      It can be exchanged with (again,) event NPCs for items corresponding to that event.

      For example, you can exchange 6 EX Event Tickets for a Shimotsuki's Picture Book to npc Shimotsuki every certain event.
      Or exchange 3 EX Event Tickets for a White Familiar Eyepatch from npc Shugoma every certain event.

      But we don't have events nor event NPCs. So.... we can't

    • skpoth
      skpoth commented
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      It's OK thank you

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    Which Saga is this server?

    Do we have dual jobs?

    Are there third jobs?

    Is Another Chronicle system working?


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      This server is based on saga 16, but some things are more outdated i think, but overall,,
      Max lv is 127, and lv 110 for DEM.
      Actually lv 64s for DEM, which usually level up through EP. But here the GM make DEM can level up to 110 with exp.

      If by dual jobs you mean joint-jobs (breeder and gardener), then yes.
      Idk about other server but you can only have 1 line of jobs (ex: archer -> striker & gunner -> hawkeye)
      And I thought it's also like that in original server.

      Reincarnate to Third jobs/ Chronicle jobs, yes.
      But the skills available are only up to job lv 40 in chronicle jobs.
      And some still have bugs.

      Other chronicle system, which ones? Hahaha
      Getting reincarnation rewards (custom wings, tails) is here. Lv 99 weapon & armor, Lv 110 ones are also here.
      Armors for reincarnated chars can be gained through Abyss Tower, a custom dungeon by Atomix's GM

      There is also another custom dungeon, to hunt for all kuji/ lotteries/ item mall items.

    • buuum
      buuum commented
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      There is no dual job. We have Chronicle and Joint Jobs, that's it. Chronicle Jobs don't have their job lv 50 skills.
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    Excuse me, how can I change hairstyle myself? Thanks for every answer.


    • Shizuru
      Shizuru commented
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      use command /hair ## ## ##
      first ## for hair code 1 - 255
      second ## for extension 1-255
      third ## for hair colour 1 - 100 (maybe)

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    Sorry, can anyone help me? Where to get Harder Timber? ( used for Japanese Style Noble Floor )


    • #10
      It drops from Fallen Tree, and you need the Wood Knowledge from Farmer class to get it. There's a nice little spot with three Fallen Trees in North Cape at the north end of the beach there


      • Shizuru
        Shizuru commented
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        found it, thanks

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      Which Kuji have right eyepatch or where i can get any kind of eyepatch ?


      • Swivel
        Swivel commented
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        As Ryozeta has answered down there, it's according to which you're looking for, there are one assasin-themed kuji with black and white eye patches that look like a torn piece of fabric.
        There are also some that can be obtained by exchanging silver and tiny medals like this one
        And there are the older kind of eyepatches from treasure chests and containers too (i can show you those ingame if you want lol)

    • #12
      That's a bit vague... I think there is one blue eyepatch on the strike witch kuji. You can manually check all the kuji inside the machines from the threads located here


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        hello why Submarine cave in water layer not spawn any kind of woodbox or treasure chest 17


        • Swivel
          Swivel commented
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          Ryozeta has answered down there but if it didn't get to your notification, I'll re-answer here
          Some newer items, wooden box and chests hasn't yet implemented on this server, sadly >_<

      • #14
        Could be that it's not in the game yet.


        • #15
          So I have played time2time for 3 years but still poor as sh*t, so gonna ask u how to farm money aside form quest and sell ETC at Golem (*3*), and where 'n' how can I get kuji item? Thanks.


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