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  • Skill's bug analysis

    Here I will try to list all of the job skills from the game and whether they work or not. If you see any mistakes, please reply to this thread, or message me in discord!
    Note: in case where two or more classes have similar skill (like Dagger Mastery) I’d only list it on the first class that appear on the list.

    To do list:
    Gardener and Breeder skill

    General Note: Most of not all chronicle skills have no cast time nor delay. Also we only have up to skills from job lv45

    [General skills]
    Increase maximum HP/MP/SP - Works as advertised
    Increase HP/MP/SP regeneration - Works… kinda? Does not increase the amount of restoration from some pots (could be it doesn’t work with pots like condensed energy pots that have blue +600 on its description, require more testing). Does not increase the regenerative effect of Holy Feather. Does not increase the regeneration while inside possession. So far only affect sitting.
    [Various] Spirit - Works beautifully
    [Various] Knowledge - Works!
    [Various] Analysis - There’s currently no way to tell for sure if this works or not, unless someone is willing to test it over hundreds of times
    Iron Stomach - Works on things like organic fruit juice, but not on condensed potions
    [Various] Communion - Used to work well, but they’re not working now
    Go! And Come Back! - Works

    [General Fighter & Backpacker skills]
    Merciless Blow - Works
    Banishing Blow - Works, but prone to cause position bug on the monster (the monster may looks to be in range, but you can’t cast this without walking closer)
    Battle Encouragement - Works, but the duration seem to be shorter. Not sure
    Kihop - Works

    [General Fighter Skills]
    Concentration - Works
    Parry - Doesn’t actually block anything
    Feint - Works. It inflict 3 seconds Frozen status on target with active Parry or Counterattack
    Counterattack - Works
    Head/Wrist/Leg Blow - Deals damage, but does not inflict debuff. May require testing on characters with less level?
    [Various] Delay Cancel - It speeds up the animation, but does not actually make the attack happen faster than the normal 800 aspd. Sad!
    Synergy Force - I’m not sure. There’s no atk increase on the status window, but I’ve heard this skill increases the damage dealt rather than the atk. I’m edging on this skill is bugged.

    [General Spelluser Skills]
    [Various] Globe - Doesn’t work. The ball doesn’t travel to targeted cell, but any target standing right on top of you will take exactly 1 hit and pushed back
    Dispell - Works

    [General Backpacker Skills]
    Item Identification - Works
    Bonfire - Works
    Camp - Doesn’t work
    Item Refining - Works
    Craft Repair Kit - Irrelevant, durability system is non-existent here
    First Aid - Works without the item
    Critical Encouragement - Does nothing
    Increase Reinforcement Chance - No idea...
    Frantic Efforts - Doesn't work

    1.1 Swordsman
    Quick Slash Combo 1/2/3 - Works
    Axe Mastery - Works
    Dagger Mastery - Works
    Sword Mastery - Works. Also affects Rapier class weapon.
    Mace Mastery - Works
    Blazing Spirit Sword - Works on all weapon despite the name
    Charge - Works
    Increase Sword Accuracy - Works
    Increase Axe Accuracy - Works
    Horizontal Slash - Works

    1.2 Fencer
    Flying Spear - Works
    Spear Mastery - Doesn’t work with all kind of weapons I could think of
    High Guard - Works
    Increase Spear Accuracy - Works
    Shield Mastery - Hard to say, but I think this works. May require further testing with character with much lower evade
    Furious Charge - Works. It knockbacks target even if the skill missed
    Increase Defense - Works
    Meditation - Works
    Thrust Guard - It reduces against pistol, rifle, bow, claws, throwing weapons, and spear. There is no buff icon though

    1.3 Archer
    Throwing Weapon Construction - Works
    Bow Mastery - Works
    Archer’s Aura - Works
    Focused Arrow - Partially works. Deals damage, and it appears to knock away your target, but on player it doesn’t actually push them back on their client. Only works on monster, but on some testing the monster will still hit you even as they walk closer
    Blaze/Terra/Aqua/Zephyr - Works with all types of arrows
    Long Range Strategy - Works
    Double Arrow - Works
    Piercing Arrow - Doesn’t work even in a straight line
    Eagle Eye - Works

    1.4 Scout
    Conceal - It works, but monsters who have already noticed you from afar will still try to attack you. The monsters will stop attacking once two or three of their attacks miss
    Double Throw - Can’t be used with throwing weapon…? “You cannot use the skill with your current weapon” LOL
    Throw Mastery - Doesn’t work
    Agility Up - Works, but only increases short evade
    Deception - Doesn’t work. The skill causes you to freeze up, unable to do anything. Avoid like plague
    Vital Strike - Deals damage, but doesn’t inflict any debuff
    Increase Dagger Accuracy - Works
    Flying Roundhouse Kick - Same with focused arrow, it only knockbacks on your client
    Increase Critical - Works awesomely. Gives nearly 100% crit rate
    Unforeseen Onslaught - Works, deals all hit in rapid succession rather than sluggish motions like the official version
    Multi Thrust - Works, just like above

    1.5 Wizard
    Energy Bolt - Works
    Heat - Doesn’t work inside North Dungeon and surrounding areas, but at least it looks nice
    Decoy - The decoys are invisible and can’t be directly targeted by players, but area skills can still kill them. Works against monsters
    Energy Shock - Works
    Mystic Silence and Poison - Works, but the proc chance is really low
    Energy Spear - Works
    Fireproof Shield - It eliminates the hp reduction in hot areas like South Dungeon B3, but you still can’t log off in there while outside possession. Maybe the damage ticks still count even if there’s no longer any damage?
    Medusa Eyes - Works
    Sword Waltz - Works
    Magic and Energy Shield - Works, and they stack with Divine Barrier!!
    Aqua Lung - Doesn’t work
    Soul Perfection - Doesn’t work
    Energy Blast - Works

    1.6 Shaman
    Fire Ball/ Ice Arrow/ Earth Tremor/ Thunder Bolt - Works
    Weapon Blaze/Chill/Earthen/Gale - Works
    Fire/Ice/Earth/Wind Shield - Works
    Elemental Sensing - Doesn’t Work
    Wall of Stone - Works, but the orientation of the wall seems random, and the rocks wouldn’t block player’s movement like in the official server. They drop flowers though.
    Wall of Flame - The wall appears, but it can’t damage anything.
    Fire/Aqua/Crag/Lightning Blast - Works
    Fairy Prayer - It doesn’t seem to work, but due to the vague nature of this skill, I’m not sure. Require further testing.

    1.7 Warlock
    Black Widow - Works
    Mystic Stun/Confusion/Slow/Freeze/Silence/Poison - Works
    Chaos Widow - Works
    Dark Shield - Works
    Dark Weapon - Works
    Shadow Blast - Works

    1.8 Vates
    Heal - Works deliciously, altho it somehow count as damage and cancels possession while in casting
    Holy Bolt - Works
    Cure Sleep/Poison/Stun/Silence/Petrify/Confusion/Slow/Freeze - These seem to work, but I can’t really tell the difference between the debuff expiring naturally or from the skill
    Increase [various as above] Resistance - Maybe these work…? I have tested this extensively a while back, but there wasn’t any noticeable difference
    Resurrection - Works
    Holy Shield - Works
    Holy Weapon - Works
    Turn Undead - Works, even tho the damage is significantly less than healbombing. Is there any undead out there that can’t be healed? @@

    1.9 Miner
    Advanced Metal Refining - Works
    Iron Fortress - Doesn’t Work
    Wall of Stone - Works like Shaman’s
    Increase Maximum Weight - Works
    Mud Sling - Doesn’t Work
    Rock Sling - Works
    Feign Defeat - “You have not fulfilled the requirement to use this skill” so I guess this one doesn’t work

    1.10 Farmer
    Cultivate Plant - Doesn’t work
    Axe Mastery - Works
    Cook - Works
    Woodcraft - Works
    Increase Axe Accuracy - Works
    Horticulture Craft - Works
    Tailoring - Works
    Grass Trap - Doesn’t require trap to use. The damage is roughly 30% of the target’s remaining health, up to 9999
    Pit Trap - Doesn’t work
    Bow Construction - Works
    Tree Fairy’s Healing Touch - Works

    1.11 Ranger
    Bivouac - Doesn’t regenerate anything
    Unlock - Works on wooden boxes, treasure chests, and container
    Mud Sling - Doesn’t work
    Slip Trap - It inflicts Frozen and sometimes slow, so I guess it works

    1.12 Merchant
    Packing - Kinda works, but it requires you to unequip the bag and put it on again to see the increased capa. Naturally this wouldn't work on the body bag
    Bargaining - Works
    Price Hike - Works
    Warsong - Works
    Riot Hammer - Can deal damage while in a party.
    Based on previous testing: I remember that it does not go through defense. Also, it doesn't track enemies and only hits in a 3x3 around yourself. Credits: buuum

    Boisterous Voice - I might be doing something wrong here, but it actually increases the target’s matk?

    2.1.a Blademaster
    Two-Handed Sword Mastery - Works
    Head Crusher - Works, including the bonus damage on insect types
    War Cry - Works
    Lumberjack Slash - Deals damage, but there’s no bonus damage on plant types
    Tornado Attack - Works
    Eagle Strike - Deals damage, but there’s no bonus damage on fish types, including the ones underwater
    Swallow Snatcher - Works, including the bonus damage on bird types
    Beast Jawbreaker - Deals damage, but there’s no bonus damage on animal types
    Pneumatic Slash - Works
    Kite Sword - Deals damage, but it doesn’t hit twice on things that are clearly flying
    Berserker - Doesn’t work
    Cold-Blooded Berserker - As above
    Flowing Stances - Doesn’t work
    Maximize Spirit Sword - Works
    Sonic Movement - Works
    Double Draw - Works
    Specter Sword - Works

    2.1.b Bounty Hunter
    Double Slash - Works
    Increase Human Property Damage - Works
    Two-Handed Axe Mastery - Doesn’t Work
    Blitzkrieg - It works, but there’s a noticable delay on the Quickslash 3 step. Lv1 deals the same damage as the Lv5
    Shield/Arm/Torso/Ornament Slasher - Works, and the un-possessing chance is quite high too
    Reverse Edge - Works
    Slash Combination - The skill only works sometimes. It can hit up to 3 times, but occasionally it will only active once or twice, or none at all.
    Bluff - It works too well, since it increases the left def of target by quite a large number. You might as well end up punching someone with 100 left def
    Leg Trap - Works
    Agitate - Works
    Strike Blow - It deals damage, but does not take you to the target
    Disruption - Works
    Steadfast - It increases defense, but doesn’t prevent knockback
    Wind Gravity - Works
    Sudden Slash - Works, and the un-possessing chance is comparable to the slasher skills
    Sword Rampage - Doesn’t ignore target’s defense
    Sword Assault - Works
    Warrior’s Mind aka Omnislash - Works

    2.2.a Knight
    Smash Guard - Works as advertised
    Two-Handed Spear Mastery - Doesn’t work. Argh
    Double Thrust - Works
    Light Worshipper - Doesn’t work. There’s no difference of received elemental damage while under the effect of holy shield, before and after taking the skill
    Remote Shield - Works
    Recovery - Works
    Rapier Mastery - Works
    Slash Guard - Works as advertised
    Holy Blade - Can’t be used with any weapon
    Spear Intercept - Works
    Defense Encouragement - Cannot be used while inside possession. Heh
    Knight’s Pledge - Doesn’t work
    Knight’s Wrath - Works
    Knight’s Kihop - Deals damage, but otherwise no effect
    Holy Blow - Works
    Big Fighting Spirit - Doesn’t work. There’s no buff notification and you get to die straight away
    Divine Spear - There is no damage increase on undead target
    Shield Pressure - No effect on target at all. Also after using this skill there’s this flickering effect where you keep getting un-focused on the game windows, this persists until you relogs
    Valkyrie Spear - Works, but there’s no damage increase from leveling up Flying Spear skill
    Sacrifice - Works
    Master Provoke - Works
    Spear Cyclone - Works, even tho sometimes it doesn’t actually hit whatever is right in front of you. Position bug?

    2.2.b Dark Stalker
    Blessing Seal - No effect on target at all
    Increase Fairy and Marionette Property Damage - There is a damage increase on fairy types, but none against player using marionettes
    Dark Weapon - Works
    Dark Tide - Works
    Necro Resurrection - It works, but there’s no undead status upon reviving
    Blade of Pursuit - No damage increase whatsoever on petrified target
    Overwhelming Shadow - It can remove the circle from Druid’s Summon Holy Light, but not Blinding Light
    Dark Protection - No increase whatsoever when standing on Cabalist’s dark circle
    Shadow Worshipper - I’d say the damage actually decreases when using the Dark Weapon, even on neutral element target
    Chaos Seal - Can’t really test this one
    Bloody Brand - Nothing happens? I don’t really understand how this one works
    Shadow Mist - It doesn’t decrease any accuracy
    Life Steal - Works
    Bloody Weapon - Doesn’t work, nothing happens
    Dark Flare - Works, though the continuous damage here seem to last forever. It persists even after target’s death and them leaving the map and returning. Also be careful when you're under the flare effect in pvp, as death from the damage overtime counts as death from monsters, which incurs exp loss
    Price of Pain - The damage increase is very small even below 5% hp, but it’s there
    Blood Absorption - Works
    Flare Sting - Works, same as Dark Flare above
    Darkness of Night - Works perfectly

    2.3.a Striker
    Renowned Archer Stance - Works
    Multi Arrows - Works
    Hunting Strategy - I don’t see any effect. Maybe I need to get a much stronger wolf
    Supportive Blaze/Aqua/Terra/Zephyr Arrow and Ray of Light/Dark Sliver - Works very well
    Beast Training - N/A
    Ferocious Bird Training N/A
    Bestial Roar - Works
    Shrieking Bird - N/A. Can’t test it without a bird
    Potion Throw - Works with the potion arrow. Can also be used with any other arrows with no heals attached
    Powerful Draw - Works
    Bestial Wrath - The wolf casts the skill, but no effect on any target nearby
    Exploiting Arrow - No increase whatsoever
    Bestial Blessing - No idea…
    Arrow Storm - Nothing happens on targeted area
    Arm Cripple - Deals damage, but nothing else happens
    Cleave Arrow - There’s a notification of something destroyed, but other than that nothing

    2.3.b Gunner
    Pistol/Rifle/Dual Pistol Mastery - Works with guns and bows
    Rapid Fire - Works
    Reckless Fire - Works
    Piercing Shot - Deals damage and inflicts immobile status, but the knockback seem to be only happening on your client
    Grenade Shot - Works
    Iron Armor Shot - Nothing happens even when used in a straight line on a point blank range
    Tear Bomb - Inflicts confusion instead of stun, and doesn’t require grenade to use
    Increase Dual Pistol Accuracy - Works
    Over Range - Nothing happens
    Slow Grenade - Again, nothing happens
    Burst Shot - Deals damage, but no accuracy decrease
    Stun Shot - Inflicts confusion instead of stun, but then again confusion here works just like stun
    CQB - Works TOO well. With just level 1 CQB you can reach 400 S.Avoid and 600 S.Hit. This effect lessens as you take more skill levels
    Bullet Dance - Works, albeit a bit slower. Also it consumes 8 bullets PER enemy in range, and it may gets you stuck if there are 3 or 4 enemies around you. Credits: Tori in discord
    Precision Shot (named canister shot here) - Nothing seem to happen
    Vital Shot - Works
    Canister Shot - It works, but putting this skill on the shortcut will give you the canister shot buff from earlier
    Precise Shot aka Cross Crest - Works

    2.4.a Assassin
    Claw Mastery - Works
    Throwing Weapon construction - Works, but some recipe may give you nothing
    Triple Claw - Works
    Increase Throwing Range - No increase is noted
    Poison Needle - Doesn’t work. Maybe I got the wrong item…?
    Intoxicative Defense & Onslaught - The assassin potion sold on the scout master only works on Berserk
    Increase Throwing Accuracy - Works
    Increase Poison Resistance - No way to tell. Mystic Poison seems to work just as without this skill
    Utsusemi Skin Shed - Nothing happens, even after attacked. Doesn’t consume the straw doll
    Cloaking - Works
    Critical Ambush - Works I guess?
    Apply Poison - Nothing happens. “You cannot use this skill with your current weapon” on dagger, claws, and kunai
    Shadow Preparedness - No buff icon, no defense decrease, and there’s no visible crit rate increase
    Poison Mist - It works on monsters without consuming any item, but there’s no damage numbers
    Increase Critical Damage - Works
    Intoxicative Berserk - It can be cast and consumes an assassin potion, but there’s no attack animation speed increase, and there’s no self-inflicted poison as well
    Increase Poison Chance - Can’t test this one, since both of the related skills don’t work
    Mirror Image - The mirror image is invisible, and it acts like Wizard’s decoy. Lv2 and Lv3 causes nothing to happens
    Foot Walk aka Footwork - Doesn’t work
    Surprise Attack - Both damage and knockback works fine, although the knockback doesn’t happen 100% of the time

    2.4.b Commando
    Increase Human Property Dodge - No idea. To fully test this one I’d have to watch two of my characters punching at each other for a long time, I’d rather be doing something else
    Pistol Mastery - Doesn’t work on Commando. Huh
    Tackle - Works
    Land Mine - Works, but doesn’t consume any item
    Martial Art Mastery - Works
    Reckless Fire - Works
    Wing Breaker - Nothing happens
    Barrage - Works, but the damage multiplier seems to be much higher than stated on the wiki. 372% Credits to hikki and Tori
    Leg Trap - Deals damage, but doesn’t inflict any debuff
    Skill Combination - Performs Leg Trap and Tackle, but no Roundhouse Kick in the combo
    Flash Grenade - Works without consuming any item.
    Choking Gas - Nothing Happens
    Sliding - Nothing happens
    Claymore Trap - Works without consuming any item, and the area is 11x11
    Uppercut - Works
    Cyclone - Works
    Detonate - Consumes time bomb and deals damage, but there’s no further explosion
    Fatal Seal - Nothing happens on target
    Rush Bomb (should be Request Backup - Works just like Rush Bomb below
    Wild Dance (should be Deadly Attack) - Works just like Wild Dance below
    Rush Bomb - Hits twice, doesn’t consume time bomb, and doesn’t cause any further explosion
    Wild Dance - It hits the target 4 times a la Unforeseen Onslaught instead

    2.5.a Sorcerer
    Mana Absorption - Doesn’t do anything when used
    Invisibility - Works
    Salvation Aura - Works
    Invisibility Break - Works
    Soul Perfection Break - Can’t do anything with this, since the Soul Perfection itself is broken
    Energy & Magic Barrier - Works, and doesn’t stack with Divine Barrier. Gives no effect when cast inside possession.
    Hexagram - No effect on monsters
    Debilitis - Works only on players
    Clutter - Works only on players
    Overclock - Works. May cause movespeed bug when used on players on rideable pet
    Teleport - Works
    Energy Bomb - Works
    Divine Barrier - Works, but gives no effect when cast inside possession.
    Sword Frenzy - Works

    2.5.b Sage
    Earth/Water/Wind/Faire Fairy’s Scroll - Doesn’t work
    Reading Mastery - Can’t use this without scrolls from above skills
    Life Staff - Works
    Knowledge Provision - Doesn’t work
    Energy Storm - Works
    Increase INT - Works
    Energy Infect - Works even without learning the debuff skills from wizard
    Danger Dodge - I’d say this works, based on personal experience using this skill
    Monster Sketch - Works
    Magic Ray - Nothing happens
    Energy Flare - Works, and the continuous damage seem to persists for a long time, like Dark Stalker’s flare. Also be careful when you're under the flare effect in pvp, as death from the damage overtime counts as death from monsters, which incurs exp loss
    Enchantment Block - It cancels buffs and debuffs out of target, but doesn’t actually block further buffs cast on them
    Reflection - Works
    Doppelganger - The summoned thing is invisible, but otherwise works fine
    Luminary Nova - Works
    Last In Quest - Works

    2.6.a Elementalist
    All the globes - It doesn’t move to targeted location, but targets standing right inside you will take 1 hit and knocked back
    Frosty Gale - Works, even if the enemy is immune to them.
    Fossilize - Works,even if the enemy is immune to them. Credits: buuum
    Fiery Tempest/Aqua Geyser/Earth Fissure/Havoc Thunder - Works
    Zen - Works fine on magic skills that hit once. It has no effect when used inside possession
    Gatling Blaze - Works
    Chain Lightning - Works
    All the contracts - Works on both offensive and defensive
    Icicle Tempest and Lava Lake - Works by itself, but any levels on the previous skills have no effect
    Tsunami - Doesn’t do anything. The water stays in place and disappears almost immediately
    Elemental Quartet - Nothing happens

    To be continued in the next post
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    2.6.b Enchanter
    Poison Swamp - Works
    Bind - There’s no slow effect on it
    Acid Mist - Works
    Fire Pillar - The pillar appears, but disappears almost immediately
    All the Up - Works, but the duration is significantly shorter. Around 8-10 seconds
    All the Circle - Works
    Earth Aura - Works
    Water Aura - Works
    Wind Aura - Works
    Fire Aura - Works
    Speed Enchantment - Works
    Power Enchantment - Works
    Elemental Shrine - Each ticks seems to be only fire element
    Elemental Addition - Nothing happens
    Enchant Weapon - Works
    Gravity Fall - Works
    Elemental Wrath - Works. Although lv1 to lv4 have this massive cooldown

    2.7.a Cabalist
    Soul Steal - Works
    Shadow Blade - Works
    Darkness Contract - Works
    Dream Fog - Works
    Curse Aggravation - increases debuff rate to 99%-100%. Busted. From buuum
    Dark Circle - Works
    Metamorphosis - Lv1 and Lv2 works, but Lv3 not
    Hell Brand - Can be placed at least
    Hell Excruciation - Causes you to stuck in cast
    Fanatic Shadow - Works on pvp, and the target player will be able to control the berserk state even without the cold-blooded passive
    Dark Mirage - Doesn’t work
    Shadow Void - Works
    Dark Up - Works
    Mires Ire - Works
    Medusa Skin - Doesn’t Work
    Dark Mages Hell Brand - Pointless without the Excruciation. It also only places one Hell Brand
    Ablation - Works
    Dark Blaze - Works
    Soul Sacrifice - Works, and it gives you a head mushroom. It doesn’t block any hp/mp/sp restoration however. Also, casting inside possession will not have the usual cooldown, and casting it while the possesse player’s hp is under the cost will instead gives them a full hp

    2.7.b Necromancer
    Blessing Seal - Doesn’t seem to do anything
    Necro Resurrection - Works, and there’s no undead status after reviving
    Undead Summon - Works. The summons can be attacked by players outside pvp
    Increase Summon HP - No idea
    Increase Summon Magic Attack - Works especially well on the Death Summon
    Increase Summon Physical Attack - Works
    Necro Heal - Doesn’t work
    Animate Dead - Works. Be careful though, using this skill in pvp scenario may cause a player to wake up with the undead status on them. They will lose hp constantly and may eventually die from it, on which it will incur exp loss
    Necromancy - Doesn’t work
    Life Absorption - Works wonders in pve. Thanks Swivel for pointing this out!
    Soul Burn - Works
    Spirit Burn - Works
    Possession Cancellation - Works
    Dark Light - Doesn’t work
    Follow Up - Doesn’t work
    Dark Flare - Works, but the damage number won’t appear on the inflicted player on your client. It also lasts for quite a while sometimes, like DS, flare. Also be careful when you're under the flare effect in pvp, as death from the damage overtime counts as death from monsters, which incurs exp loss
    Terror - Does nothing
    Dark Soul - Does nothing
    Evaporate - Works
    Death Summon - Doesn’t work against players, but works on monsters. Of note is that the lv2 summon acts much like the lv1, it attacks single targets instead of doing any circular area attack.
    Chaos Gate - Works

    2.8.a Druid
    Seal - Does nothing on target
    Light Contract - Works fine
    Blinding Light - There is no decrease whatsoever on walking into the area
    Increase Undead Property Damage - Works
    Holy Circle - Works
    Vates Speech - Doesn’t work
    Warmth - Can be cast without any Light property areas. When used inside possession, it gives heal number but there’s no actual heal
    Light Whirl - No idea
    Goddess Blessing - Works, and it cancels possession while in casting
    Clairvoyance - Doesn’t work
    Holy Feather - Works
    Magic Seal - Does nothing
    Vital Rousing - Works
    Holy Up - Works
    Mental Rousing - Works
    Possession Acceleration - Works
    Celestial Light - Works fine on undead, but healbombing is still better
    Inspiration - Works, but it has no effect when cast inside possession
    Increase All Resistance - Doesn’t work. I tried spamming Freak Blast on a character with this, plus another one without this buff standing next to it, and there’s no difference whatsoever. I even tried it with all the “increase resistance” skills from vates
    Sacred Embrace - Works

    2.8.b Bard
    Guerilla Live - It works, but the music change doesn’t stick
    Music Mastery - Works
    Samba - Works
    Classic - Doesn’t work
    Heavy Metal - Works
    Rock n Roll - No increase on crit rate sighted
    Trance - Works
    Requiem - It damages everything in range, not just undead
    Fusion - Works
    Pop - Works
    Music Session - Doesn’t Work
    Musical Blow - Works
    Shout - Works
    Relax - Works
    Attractive March - Works kinda like provoke
    Loud Song - Works
    Oratio - Works
    Dead March - Works

    2.9.a Blacksmith
    Two-Handed Mace Mastery - Doesn’t work
    Stone Crush - Works
    Weapon Construction - Works
    Increase Rock Property Damage - Works
    Armor Construction - Works
    Converging Shot - N/A can’t test this without the pet
    Staff Crafting - Works
    Balanced Shot - N/A
    Flame Worshipper - Works
    Spreading Shot - N/A
    Blade Crusade - Doesn’t work
    Miner Training - Doesn’t work
    Blacksmith Instinct - Doesn’t work
    Special Equipment Care - Doesn’t Work
    Lump Throw - Works
    Earth Shock - Works, and it causes confusion instead of stun
    Flame Heart - Works

    2.9.b Engineer
    Machinery Assembly - Works
    Machinery Knowledge - Works
    Pilot Mastery - Kinda meaningless now everyone with legs can use the bipedal robot
    Increase Robot Power Regeneration - Works
    Increase Robot HP - Doesn’t work
    Monster Counter Missile - Does nothing when used
    Increase Robot Attack Accuracy - Doesn’t work
    Increase Robot Defense - Doesn’t work
    Chap - Does nothing
    Increase Robot Dodge - Doesn’t work
    Increase Robot Attack Strength - Doesn’t work
    Self-Destruction - Does nothing
    Bail Out - Works. Surprisingly spammable too
    Overrun - The berserk state is controllable, but there’s no damage increase while on the robot. The atk increase goes to your character after you have taken off the pet. Thanks Cole for pointing this one out!
    Missile Volley - Works
    Freezing Laser - Works
    Maintenance - Doesn’t work
    ECM - Does nothing
    Flame Thrower - Works
    Overtune (named Lovage Cannon) - Does nothing while on the robot. The atk increase goes to your character after you have taken off the pet. Thanks Cole for pointing this one out!
    Spark Ball (named Over Tune) - Deals damage, but no stun
    Ravage Cannon (named Lovage Cannon, again) - Does nothing

    2.10.a Alchemist
    Sweep Attack - Works
    Two-Handed Axe Mastery - Doesn’t work
    Food Throw - Doesn’t seem to work, or I’m missing something
    Increase Potion Value - Doesn’t work
    Increase Plant Property Damage - Works
    Plant Defiler - Does nothing
    Chemical Preparation - Works
    Fortify Plant Sheath - Doesn’t require plant nutrient to use, but does nothing
    Bewitching Thorn - Does nothing
    Plant Healing - The plant heals itself
    Delay Bomb - Works
    Plant Lesson - Doesn’t work
    Alchemist Intuition - Doesn’t work
    Chemical Throwing - It works without requiring any item
    Dust Explosion - Does nothing
    Chemical Plant - The plant appears briefly, but deals no damage

    2.10.b. Marionettist
    Marionette Construction - Works
    Marionette Mastery - Works
    Marionette Summon - The summoned marionette isn’t aggressive, but otherwise it works
    Inner Soul - Works
    Marionette Overload - No idea
    Monster Taming - Works. Haven’t tried this one on boss types. Also the monsters you tamed won't respawn...?
    Land Shower/Sand Tornado/Blazing Tornado/Burning Mist - Can be cast and deals damage while in any marionette mode. The fortify passive(named Test here) doesn’t seem to add any damage. Truth to be told I don’t really understand how these skills work myself
    Figure Construction - Works
    Puppet - Works
    Management Mastery - Works, I think
    Marionette Harmony - Does nothing
    Change Marionette - Works, can click on the same marionette over and over again. May cause severe lag when used repeatedly
    Marionette Discharge - Works, kinda. I’m not 100% sure
    Fortify - No idea
    Summon Marionette King Fire/Water/Earth/Wind - Works

    2.11.a Explorer
    Cave Bivouac - Doesn’t work
    Thorn Trap - Works without needing any item. Stacks directly on top of each other, it has 3x3 area, and it uses your weapon's element
    Thornbush Trap - Works without needing any item. Stacks directly on top of each other, it has 3x3 area, and it uses your weapon's element. Credits to Tori and hikki in discord
    Canine Attack - Works
    Growl - Works and can inflict stun
    Pincer Attack - Works I guess
    Cave Cover - Works even outside dungeon, and apparently it lets you to attack while inside the invisibility
    Gathering Lesson - Doesn’t work
    Monster Bait - No effect on anything
    Increase Trap Damage - Works
    Play Dead - After casting, skills can’t target you, but normal attacks can still wake you up. Has no effect on aggressive monsters
    Ash Scatter - Works
    Stamina Take - Does nothing
    Fascination Box(?) - Does nothing

    2.11.b Treasure Hunter
    Trap Detection - Doesn’t work
    Trapbreaker - Doesn’t work
    Codebreaker - Doesn’t work. Use unlock instead
    Whip Mastery - It works, but the atk value on status window doesn’t update on lv2 and 4
    Bumrush - Works
    Magic Luck - Doesn’t work
    Monster Catch - It inflicts immobile status instead of pulling stuff in
    Treasure Scan - Doesn’t work
    Whiplash - Works nicely
    Weapon/Armor Flay - Doesn’t work
    Lock Mastery - No idea
    Whip Dance - Works
    Snatch - Can’t seem to get this thing to steal anything, so I guess it doesn’t work
    Lookout - Does nothing
    Whip Pull (Named Escape here) - Works
    Escape (has no name here) - Doesn’t work
    Sonic Whip - Works

    2.12.a Trader
    Merchant’s Credit - I have no idea how this thing works
    Handbag Mastery - Works
    Generous Tip - The mercenary does a thing
    Escape - Doesn’t work
    Risk Shift - Works
    Physical Training - Doesn’t Work
    Extra Service Charge - Doesn’t work
    Increase Mercenary HP regeneration - N/A
    Instigation - Works
    Networking - You can pass the city guards without the pass. The other effects don’t work
    Summon Merchant - Doesn’t work
    Bag Smash - Lv1 to 4 works fine, but using Lv5 will cause the cast to stuck
    Summon Mercenary - Doesn’t work
    Burst Drop - N/A

    2.12.b Gambler
    Note on cards: attacking and using skills with cards will not consume any of the cards
    Throwing Mastery - Doesn’t increase atk. Lv2 and 4 will increase L.Hit by 2
    Trick - N/A
    Random Heal - It can heal hp and scales with mag, but it can’t heal mp or sp
    Roulette Heal - Doesn’t work
    Double Throw - Doesn’t work
    Ladies and Gentlemen (or Women should be lovely Men should be manly here) - Works, but the effect is much much smaller
    Lucky Seven - Doesn’t work
    Bad Luck - Maybe works
    Good or Evil - Works
    Card Boomerang - Works
    Double Up - Works, even though there’s no icon or notification. Works on card boomerang and coin shot
    Coin Shot - Works
    Skill Breaker -
    Trick Dice - Doesn’t work
    Arcana Card - Works without consuming item
    Puzzler - Does nothing
    Animal Kingdom - Works, although the attack animation is that of a two-handed axe


    3.1 Gladiator
    Blade Mastery - Works until only lv1, further increasing it gives no more benefits. There’s no visible increase in crit rate
    Gladiator - There is no counterattack whatsoever, but it still reduces movespeed
    Indomitable Fighting Spirit - The recovery effect started working at full hp, but there is no increase when the skill level is increased, or when the hp drops further. It also seems that the recovered hp takes a portion of the damage taken
    Equilly - Works
    Demon Stance - Works
    Giant Swing - It deals damage alright, and it increases as more level in Tornado Swing is taken, but there’s no stun at all even with Lv 5 in Wind Gravity
    Pressure - Works
    Survive - Nothing seem to trigger at all
    Remove Weapon - It works, but it can’t remove the weapon if someone is possessing it
    Godspeed Slash - It works, but it inflicts frozen status instead of stun. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be?

    3.2 Guardian
    Piercing Mastery - Works only on lv1, further levels offer no benefit. The accuracy bonus also doesn’t work on rapier. Again, no discernible increase on crit rate
    Guardian - The armor def increase is way lower than it is stated on eco jp wiki, and it doesn’t wear off after moving
    Increase Hostility - Can’t really test this one out, but personally I’d say there’s no effect.
    Reflect Shield - Well… ALL targeted magic spells cast on you will cause the caster to be stuck. This includes heal and goddess blessing. Godly bug or just plain broken? You decide
    Aegis - Nothing happens
    Soul Protect - Nothing happens, the possessors still get kicked out
    Shield Impact - The target area indicator appears when not using shield, and it disappears when wearing one. Nothing happens when clicking on a target
    Spiral Spear - It works, although the damage area seem to stick to target as it moves around while the animation stays in place
    Strong Body - Works super well
    Blocking - The buff icon appears, but there’s no reduction or stun whatsoever

    3.3 Hawkeye
    Shooting Mastery - Works perfectly on all level, even tho there’s no increase on crit rate it seems. Also works on daggers
    Hawkeye - Works on all weapons, also works on barehanded. Doesn’t cancel when walking
    No Hate - Can’t really test this one
    Quick Shoot - Works
    Revenge Trigger - Doesn’t seem to be working
    Weakness Shot - Works, but the 2nd and 3rd level inflicts slow instead
    Flare Shot - Works
    Tempest Shot - Works too well. It can be cast with a dagger, on which it will not require or consume bullets. The damage area sticks to target as it moves around while the animation stays
    Change Target - It summons a regular loki at all levels. It won’t attack players, but it will attack monsters, including each other. Easiest way to farm leather and luxury leather
    Search Weakness - Works, and the crit rate increase is very much visible

    3.4 Eraser
    Total Combat Mastery - Only level 1 works on gun and claws, while it works 1000% on dagger. On lv5, this increases min atk on dagger by 900, but no effect on max atk Seems to be fixed. The jump only happens when you level up this skill and/or dagger mastery, and gone after relogs
    Eraser - Doesn’t work, but still reduces movespeed
    Notio - Doesn’t work
    Efikus - No increase when killing anything
    Revenge Attack - Nothing happens on misses
    Abandon - It has no effect on magic attacks
    Ghoul - Works
    Merciless Shadow - Deals damage, but doesn’t reduce stats or enters a cloaking state
    Shadow Stitching - Nothing happens
    Poison Master - Noticeably increases damage of Poison Mist. Can’t test it on other poison skills since they don’t really work

    3.5 Forcemaster
    Plus Element - I don’t see any increase with staffs with 5 and 10 element points on them. May need further test with greater iris cards
    Forcemaster - Works, but it doesn’t cancel upon moving
    Decrease Weapon - There doesn’t seem to be any effect. Holy weapon buff cast on target still work perfectly after this buff is applied
    Force Shield - It works. The duration seem to be a lot shorter (around 10 seconds on lv5), but the effect is a lot stronger. (27 left def and 50 mdef at lv5 with both energy and magic shield at lv5)
    Decrease Shield - Again, nothing happens
    Barrier Shield - Works well enough, it increases left mdef well beyond 300. It doesn’t consume mp per second, and casting it again doesn’t cancel it out. It seems to last forever? There’s no duration listen on ecojp wiki too
    Force Bullet - The summoned wisp is invisible, but otherwise it works
    Freak Blast - Works, along with the increased damage from Energy Infect’s levels
    Advance Ability - Works
    Photon Launcher - Works

    3.6 Astralist
    Delay Out - Doesn’t work on Elemental Wrath
    Astralist - Can only be used while in a party. There’s a big damage increase on the elemental spells when used on holy target. May need further testing with all of the skills
    Transbody - Nothing happens when attacked by any of the 4 shaman elements, but it causes the fire blast cast on you to be stuck. Needs further testing
    Remain Element - No noticeable increase when using elemental magic attack
    Amplifier Element - No effect whatsoever
    Hidden Contract Sword - No effect on party member’s elemental weapon
    Elemental Bullet - Works
    Earth Cry - It’s a fire element. Levels in Earth Fissure don’t seem to increase the damage. Levels in Havoc Thunder increases the number of hits, but only up to 9 times instead of the 12 times from ecojp wiki
    Pactio - No effect whatsoever
    Wind Explosion - It’s a holy element. Levels from chain lightning do not increase the damage, but levels from Icicle Tempest do increase the damage

    To be continued
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      3.7 Soul Taker
      Mega Dark Blaze - Works, but there is no damage increase from levels of Dark Blaze. From buuum
      Soul Taker - Doesn’t work, and still reduces movespeed
      Increase Possessed Damage(?) - Doesn’t work
      Law Collapse - Works
      Infighting Mastery - Works
      Possession Seal - Does nothing
      Suppress Soul (spallation soul) - Works super well. It seems to infinitely stacks with itself, and when it expires, the reduced stat doesn’t return unless target relogs
      Abyss - Works
      Deathscythe Demonstration - Works
      Summon Fenrir - Lv1 deals damage to target, Lv2 does nothing, and Lv3 deals damage to target area. And apparently this skill have earth element

      3.8 Cardinal
      Defeat - It works, but the duration is extremely low. In some cases it even increases target’s def and mdef
      Cardinal - The duration is non-existent
      Cure Undead - Can’t test this one since necro ress doesn’t give the user undead status
      Cure All - Doesn’t seem to do anything
      God Guardian - Does exactly nothing
      Auto Heal - Works, just not as crazy as it was before the nerf (it used to have close to 100% proc rate lol). It is perfect for grinding ride pet stats however
      Angel Ring - Works
      Mystic Shrine - The thing deals damage, but it doesn’t knock back any monsters. The element is also kinda unclear, as it deals less damage to dark target but more to holy target. Maybe it’s fire
      Recovery - Works
      Divine Breaker - Works too well. It only consumes 10% of the stated mp cost, and it has no cooldown

      3.9 Maestro
      Armor Reinforce - Does nothing
      Maestro - This skill is beyond messed up. When you first learned it, instead of giving your stats to the robot, it gives the robot’s stats to you after you take it off. This increase disappears when you relogs or changes map
      Strengthen Weapon Potential - N/A
      Attack/Defense/Speed Maneuver - The stat increases goes to player character instead of the robot, and when the duration expires, the rebound increases the stat bonus instead of decreasing it, and after that rebound expires, it loops back to the active state, further increasing the stat in a neverending positive feedback loop. Oh, and the stat bonuses stacks on top of each other too. The Attack Maneuver may cause your attack to drop to 0-0 after it reaches past 28k, the Defense Maneuver doesn’t increase mdef, and the Speed Maneuver increases cspd instead of aspd
      Weapon Enhance - Works, but may causes the target to get stuck after killing monster. Still not sure how this one works
      Rock Fall - Does nothing
      Satellite - Does nothing
      Railgun - Works, and doesn’t require any bullet (or whatever is that thing listed in ecojp wiki). It would’ve been nice if not for the cooldown

      3.10 Harvester
      Fusion Armor - Does nothing
      Harvest - Does nothing
      Enhance Armor Potential - Does nothing
      Negative Harvest - Does nothing
      Fusion Degrade(?) - Does nothing
      Black Rose Thorn - Does nothing at all
      Prickly Seed - Again, nothing
      Create Nekogurumi - Still nothing
      Twisted Plant - Guess what? Nothing
      Harvest Mastery - I give up

      3.11 Strider
      Absurd Whip - There is no stun, and the damage is absurdly small. I’m talking the 0-1 range here
      Strider - Doesn’t work
      Long Range Pull Whip - It works, but the damage increase from learning Monster Catch skill is a lot smaller than indicated in ecojp wiki. It also doesn’t pull in anything
      Material Bind - The status icon appears on target, but there is no effect. A lot shorter duration too
      Treasure Secret - Doesn’t work
      Rest Skill - The status icon appears on target, but there is no effect
      Region Bivouac - Doesn’t work
      Thunder??? - Works
      Book of Knowledge - Hell if I know…I once tried farming with this, there was no difference in drops at all
      Treasure Master - Doesn’t work

      3.12 Royal Dealer
      Dealer’s Hand - Only Lv1 and 2 works
      Royal Dealer - Works
      Damage Marking - Works
      Spirit Marking - Doesn’t work
      Critical Marking - Doesn’t seem to work
      Perfect Riot Stamp - Doesn’t work
      Rethoric - Works only on the caster
      Straight Flush - Doesn’t work
      Lady Luck - Doesn’t work
      Bag Mastery - Doesn’t work
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        Iron Stomach only works with food items. Not with potions. This is correct.

        Riot Hammer does not work.
        Based on previous testing: I remember that it does not go through defense. Also, it doesn't track enemies and only hits in a 3x3 around yourself.

        Supportive Blaze/Aqua/Terra/Zephyr Arrow and Ray of Light/Dark Sliver - these should work when you have the correct arrows in your inventory. Currently, you can only use them when they're equipped.
        Potion Throw is supposed to be used with Potion Arrows(You can buy these in West Fort at the Guild Merchant). Currently you can use this with anything, even bare-handed. It does indeed work but the heal doesn't show unless stats are updated.

        Frosty Gale and Fossilize works even if the enemy is immune to them.

        I don't know if this is currently true but if you pass 560a.spd(or whatever the max a.spd for claws is) with claws equipped, you will attack slower instead of faster. Keep increasing a.spd and you will never attack.

        Dispell - It cancels the cast bar but the skill will still come out. Overpowered.

        I'm not sure if you should add that all Chronicle jobs do not have their Job LV50 skills.
        Should also note that all Chronicle skills do not have a cast time, or maybe that's just Soul Taker. Pretty sure all of them don't have a cast time.

        Hell Brand - works
        Dark Mage's Hell Brand - only puts one brand instead of 3.
        Hell Excruciation - doesn't work and will freeze the caster.
        Curse Aggravation - increases debuff rate to 99%-100%. Busted.

        Soul Taker:
        Death Scythe - Works
        Summon Fenrir - Lv1 does 1100%matk (What?), Lv2 does not work, Lv3 works(Does 2000% instead of 1100%~2000%). Lv1 and 3 are completely Earth element instead of 0 Neutral. This whole skill is overpowered because it doesn't work like in official.
        Collapse of Law - Works
        Mega Dark Blaze - Works but doesn't have increased dmg when Dark Blaze is learned. This might be the same case for Icicle Tempest and Lava Lake.
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          Thanks for the addition! I'm still working on the rest of the Spellusers before I could finally cover the Backpackers, but right now things got busy on my end Dx


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            Assassin: Triple Claw works with other weapon i.e dagger -> 3x damage per atk


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              I've tested it for a bit, the triple attack doesn't seem to happen with dagger @@

              Also, some of the broken passives here seem to be fixed. May take a while to find them all tho

              EDIT: it happens on pistol wtf
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                Life Absorption - Can only be targeted on other players outside pvp mode, and it doesn’t do anything

                No it's nott! More like it's the best buff ever!
                It gives you lifesteal

                So, more like
                Life Absorption - Can only be targeted on other players outside pvp mode,
                it gives the buffed one fkin high amount of lifesteal everytime the buffed one hits monsters.

                With it you won't ever need cardi again, HE can spam tempest while getting healed 1700-3000 per second.
                And, SS works wonder on HE, probably bcs of the INT increase, you'll 1 hit mudhands.
                That sealed it, ST is the best support class.


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                  Since the forum wouldn't let me edit my post, any further updates after this point would just be written in posts instead. If anyone noticed something incorrect, please write it down here and be detailed on what's exactly is wrong.


                  Bargaining & Price Hike - Can work, but sometimes they'd disappear from your skill window for reasons unknown. Aliens


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                    Bounty Hunter's Disruption does nothing when used.
                    It says "The skill cannot be used on the target"


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                      Striker's Potion Throw can't be used since the Potion Arrow can't be equiped.


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                        Knight Holy Blade does work with one-handed sword but Rapier does not work


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                          Feign Defeat, a level 50 miner skill, is castable but it will not reduce any attack strength, I'm not sure if it'S a % proc chance like the Mystic spell debuffs but as far as it goes it does nothing to lower the enemy's damage. It does show your character kneeling while being sorry when you cast it leaving you vulnerable for about 3-4 seconds.


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                            I played around with Breeder skills on three different characters with one mandragora pet, one pet from the october twins roulette, one pet from the astral roulette and the bipedal robot mount and here are my initial observations.

                            First things first using some breeder skills while on the bipedal robot will lock me in place until I relog so I assume breeder skills are for mostly pet moving on their own and not mounts I think.
                            Second, I couldn't test Prominency since I have no idea how to obtain the skill.
                            Third and finally, Killing any one monster gave me all levels for it due to some bug I have not heard of, however i'll tell my experience with the skills related to Breeder.

                            So here goes, it might require further testing but it was mostly during a 1-1.5 hour session trying to raise stats on the pets at the pet map with all the white fangs and polar bears.

                            Go & Return: Works as intended
                            Biology: Not sure what this is for?. It says it improves the effectiveness of training several skills but so far I have noticed no difference in stat increases when training them, maybe it's for pet skills on other classes but I'm not sure.
                            Certified Trust: Somewhat works, the astral roulette pet kneels down and prays for a couple of seconds when using this skill but it did not worked for the october twins roulette pet, I guess it really depends on the pet.
                            Heat Therapy: Works, it heals players for 20 hp every 3 seconds and 50 hp for pets every 3 seconds.
                            Reins: "Allows for the personal use of pets as mounts with licenses." Useless as any mount is usable regardless of class, race and skills obtained (Except for the class-specific mounts that I forgot). Same with Pilot Licence for Bipedal Robots unless I'm missing something there.
                            Encouragement: Does not work. There is no damage increase on any three of the pets I tested this on, even the bipedal robot mount.
                            Grow up: One of the tankier pets did grew up alot of stats quick but that was because there were around 20 mobs attacking her, requires further testing without the breeder badge equipped.
                            Metamorphisis: Works as intended. Funtip: Morph into the october twins roulette pet and unequip it for a morbid floating torso look.
                            Lion's Might: I noticed the mandragora carrot having slightly more HP but this requires further testing without the breeder's badge on.
                            Acrobat Evasion: Does not work, There is no noticeable difference when casting it as the pet is fighting.
                            Pet Delay Cancel: Works as Intended.

                            That's about it for now, this is only some initial playtest so it's nothing super conclusive at the moment.
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                              Originally posted by MinersRock15 View Post
                              Biology: Not sure what this is for?. It says it improves the effectiveness of training several skills but so far I have noticed no difference in stat increases when training them, maybe it's for pet skills on other classes but I'm not sure.
                              I heard that if the skill works properly, it'll distribute the stat growth.
                              Like, normally the pet was attacked and gain +5 Def
                              with the skill, it might become +1 hp +2 def +1 mdef + 1 avoid instead.

                              It's hard to prove or test even you know for sure that the skill works.


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