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    1. Overview
    DEM, the mechanical race which is played technically which is different from other three races. DEMs have their restrictions which renders them difficult to master but due to their format, they are also highly potent and versatile race to play if mastered.

    2. Attributes
    Since DEMs have unique way of playing compared to the rest of three races, the list below will tell you what they have and they don't have:
    1. Starts with 5 points for all attributes (STR, AGI, INT, etc), these attributes are capped at 120 while other race are capped at 100. However, there is a bug that still allows DEM's stat to rise despite the 120 stat display limit in DEMIC panel.
    2. Possession usage disabled, however still can use other player possessed items.
    3. Marionette usage disabled, however still can use golem marionettes.
    4. Job/class disabled, however you still can get their skills from skill chips.
    5. Requires EXP and J.EXP for chips. There are 3 chips which is: attributes, skills and limitations.
    6. Uses EP to increase DEMs level and CL ("Client Limit", literally being chipboard size). However, there are some bugs in A.ECO which stops CL consumption and restricts leveling which happens in level 64 or 65, to level beyond that you must use EXP but will not increase CL. Bug may be fixed one day.
    7. Chips are not restricted by DEMs level but only DEMs CL, chip size and costs. This means you can have Vates' and Gunner's skill together or you can have Enchanter's Elemental Wrath at level 14 if you can afford the skill chip.
    3. Progression
    To progress and make your DEM powerful, you will need chips that increase attributes, chips that gives DEM a skill and a limitation chip that will define a DEM's role.
    These chips will be used in DEMIC panel where it will be placed, the more efficient layout and chips you have, the better your DEM can be.

    Layout Efficiency
    When placing chips in DEMIC panel, you will plan to use space as much as possible while still be able to use decent chips for maximum efficiency.
    Example of layout can be seen below.

    Any chips placed beside the orange dot will receive double bonus.

    Chip Efficiency
    Having some chips you want to save? Having 2 2x1 chips or 1 2x2 chip? Why not just use 1 2x2 chip and save 2 2x1 chips for other spots?
    This can also apply to all L shaped chips since they have double value in terms of stats and size.

    Blue border indicates chips that gives 2 attributes.
    Yellow border indicates chips that give 1 attribute.

    Test your DEM chip placement here.
    Last edited by Rilene; 03-16-2017, 03:48 AM.

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    I'm looking forward when it finished O.O


    • Rilene
      Rilene commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh yes, will continue a bit by a bit soon. ^^'

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    Wow! Great example Rilene ~!! is it finished tho?


    • Rilene
      Rilene commented
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      Nope but I will update from time to time.
      So far the demand is not so high so the update rate will be slow. :c

    • Naruchii-
      Naruchii- commented
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      Rilene ahh ~ nice
      well, yeah its hard to get people to enjoy DEM D:

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    Thanks for the info! Really helpful

    Arr and it's so hard getting orange dots like your example >_<
    and look how far the range between the left one with the dots and the right one 68 vs 47

    I did got a good one with 2 dots finally, but only get 65 points
    IF i just have 1 more faced-down short L-shaped chip (lol thats so hard to say), I'd get 67.. But it was too late to buy more


    • Rilene
      Rilene commented
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      Haha, actually the example I got is from:
      Oh yeah, I heard one of L chips costs 1 million exp rather than 55 thousands per chip.

    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      Wow they even have a flash demic chip tester
      It'd be better if it can help us count the exp price. lol
      I hope our eco can be as popular as theirs

      1 mill is really cheap, actually; if we can use batteries to max level. ahahah
      Last edited by Swivel; 03-16-2017, 06:05 AM.

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    Trying out your link, I can actually get 69 points this way TAT

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.11.52.png


    • linhen2
      linhen2 commented
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      how can you make that 2 yellow dot? i got 1 earlier, but it never appear again after i change it from before

    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
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      I lock and unlock again and again until i get one. I got 98 max EP so wasting them to gamble to get 2 dots was worth it XD
      Make sure you already have all the chips tho, once you get good yellow dots you won't be able to buy more unless you locked it~

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    The DEM chip placement site was closed, please confirm.


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      Ruka Urushibara what do you meant? if you mean NPC for DEMIC it is not


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        Originally posted by Rilene View Post
        1. Overview

        *Wall of Texts*

        Test your DEM chip placement here.
        That's what i mean.


        • #9
          Ruka Urushibara I think its because the JP server is already closed..


          • #10
            Naruchii- i see, okay then, thanks for the tips~


            • #11
              Just to inform,
              I have recovered the DEMIC Simulation Flash from the site >w<)/


              • #12
                Ruka Urushibara well considering you are using it then congrats....? cause I never use things like that


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                  How can i open the page α, β and why I can't lay DEM's chip overlap in the same skill ?
                  Last edited by guesteco; 12-22-2018, 12:47 PM.


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