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Where or how can I get Rechargeable Battery for DEM's EP?

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  • Where or how can I get Rechargeable Battery for DEM's EP?

    Hi ~
    as the topic says, I'm looking for this, but have no idea where or how to get it,
    it doesn't seem like anyone's ever mentioned this in the forum as well

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    Lorence You can get it from box, treasure chest, or container randomly... or you can also gamble for it in attraction zone..

    another way to get it is you can try to contact, Ruka Urushibara as he is a big seller of rechargeable battery (if You want to just buy it)

    Hope it helps!


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      Naruchii- Thanks, that helps a lot~
      I saw her store next to the guide electeel that sends you to Electeel lab,
      The thing is, I'm a new player here, with no funds, so it'd best for me to look for it myself haha


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        Lorence then, it would be best for you to collect EP from Quests and normal Battery (regular drop from robo in LT or South Dungeon) ..

        Rechargeable Battery won't be efficient if you are not in a big Ring that let you have a big max EP
        What is your IGN? I can provide some left-overs batteries that I have
        or you can just whisper me in game, my nick is Coraline (I will be on south bridge)
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          Naruchii- Sorry, I was away before
          replied your pm in game


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            Hello there, Lorence, it's true, you can get one from gambling in the ECO Town's Casino, (I mainly stock my batteries there xD) just talk to the demon girl there, The batteries are in the Beginner lots and listed on the Blue Rewards, You'll get 10 Batteries at once if you're lucky.

            Well, i might give some for you as a welcome gift uwu. Just pm me In Game~
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