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New REQUIRED update Patcher Release

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  • New REQUIRED update Patcher Release

    Greetings Acronia,

    You will be needing this patcher to login on AEco so please make sure you download it A.S.A.P

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    Once again, I have returned to my life of being the lovable noob, su~
    I downloaded the patch, but upon using it it told me I was missing some file and needed to reinstall ECO?
    And now I can't remember where the heck I can redownload ECO, I don't seem to have the link saved anywhere, and I've checked around the forums and can't seem to find it? I'm so sorry to do this suu but can someone kindly provide me with the link? "OTL


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      Hitori It is available in the forums.. you don't check enough I think ._.


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        ^Ahhhhhh, I thought it was stickied somewhere, didn't consider it being under guides for whatever reason :v

        Cheers for the link! Will get re-downloading today su~

        (Slightly unnerved by the whole 'you're missing files'-thing, I really hope redownloading fixes it, though knowing my luck I can imagine there'll be some other issue D8 Ah well, I'll find out..)

        Also whilst I'm here I'll vocalise (wellll, put in loud, clear writing :v) my thanks to Minto-chan for making a new AE patcher: Thaaaaaaank you Minto-chan su~
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          Nice update


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            I have downloaded AEPatcher.rar but when I tried to launch, it works for quite some time then gave a pop-up message:

            You are missing: '\data\sprite\stamp\stamp.hed'
            Please Reinstall Atomix ECO.

            Could someone help me on this matter? Thanks in advance


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              gunmage well, for missing sprite you can either re-install or copy your backup (if you have one) / friend's sprite folder


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