Hello everybody,

- Added every Sealed MvP Cards to Quest Shop
* Happy questing !
- Added @changegm command to change guild leader as requested !
* Enjoy !
- Reminder:
* You can access to the Vote Shop Points from the Vote For Points NPC near Lenneth NPC in Prontera.
* You can access to the Cash Shop and have a preview of every available items by clicking on the Cash Shop button on the top right corner of your screen.
* How do I get Cash Points ? You can get Cash Points by donating to the server from the donation menu on the website. (N/A)
* How do I get Vote Points ? You can get Vote Points by voting to our server by login in on our website then click on Voting Sites near the Vote For Points menu.
I hope you guys will enjoy this update and tell your friends about the revival of the Revamped NiktoutRO Chaos Super High Rate !