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Forging Bug?

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  • Forging Bug?

    Anyone please help...

    I was trying to do Lv 85 armor quest.
    When I tried to forge my equipment using Life Crystal, my character stuck.
    My money and crystal didn't decrease, and my equipment didn't forged.
    I tried to wait for almost 10 minutes and nothing happened.
    Then I tried to log out (it success) and when I logged in, my chara can move like always....

    Is it just me, or there's a bug?

  • #2
    bongchan its not a bug.. it just mean you have a little lag


    • bongchan
      bongchan commented
      Editing a comment
      My internet connection is working fine tho.... >_<

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    bongchan lag doesn't always mean the issue is from you~ the main server can also having lagging ...


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