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My account has been banned

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  • My account has been banned

    Cause i use auto clicker for heal my character
    im sorry for my action
    really, i didnt know thats prohibition what using auto clickers,,
    so, if you guys w release my ban status,
    i will never do like that
    im sorry

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    As one of the active players I'd say it's a great job for GMs to keep on their rules and do some banning for those who doesn't follow,
    makes me believes more in the future of AECO.

    Rules are alrd stated in their site since 2010:

    As per the rules which you have broke, and got the consequences - just accept it. GMs won't bring your account back because it's proven guilty.
    If you won't do that anymore and wanna enjoy this game normally,
    let's create new chars and play together.


    For all other hackers/ duper/ cheater/ 3rd party app users out there, watch out, we active players are always ready to gather evidences and report you guys.
    If you can't enjoy this game normally, then why would you play and ruin ours?


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