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I can't find my pet at my airship :(

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  • I can't find my pet at my airship :(

    hello, i'm someone that like to collect pets and use them like a furniture at airship. At first, when i place some there, they only move a little. But some days ago, when i place more of them, the next time i log in, i can't find them. I though they just move like before, but the count really decrease, i place more than 30 furniture (around 34-37), but now its only 29 there. I already check at storage or other character at that id, but there none. If its only wasabi, i don't really care, but what i lost is some alma and catty that i buy from other people and a gift from some friend

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    When you moved a piece of furniture or pet on the airship, it will almost always get moved to a random spot around the place. Have you checked the upper sides of the room?


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      yes, that's what i though before, i already check around, and still cant find them, so i count them (when you put or remove, there a system notice right? like "bla bla bla removed (xx/300)" ) and the number is decrease from before, so i lost my pet.