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Failed to connect the server

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  • Failed to connect the server

    I downloaded the game from
    and I added /launch on the short cut
    It works, but when I try to login, it said "Failed to connect the server"
    Can anyone help me with the problem please?

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    mistar you need to make the shortcut from eco.exe (and never use the launcher! if you use the launcher you need to re-download or re-extract your AECO)

    If you still cannot connect then, open your AECO folder look for server.lst, open it with a notepad and change whats inside it to this AcroniaIP,


    • mistar
      mistar commented
      Editing a comment
      thank you.

    • Naruchii-
      Naruchii- commented
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      mistar have you managed to online?

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    Good Evening or good night to all Atomix Emil Chronicle Online Players from all around the world especially from Indonesia. Since there is a problem with some of the Internet Service Providers in Indonesia (For Example: Smartfren). There will be a refusal connection (Basically means that the Server and the Login system is online from the But in the end, it will be always "Failed to connect to the server" ).
    I do not know anything wether this Atomix Emil Chronicle online have any allowance to use the VPN or Virtual Private Network or not. But for easier usage, please switch the Internet Service Provider.
    Thank You for the attention and thank you for stay in the Atomix Emil Chronicle Online.


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