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Putting Good Old ScreenShots ! ~

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  • Putting Good Old ScreenShots ! ~

    Hey there ~ it's Rei rei ~

    Now now ~ it's been lonely around forum ever since the Discord channel existed so ~
    let's make use of it ;DD
    Let's put our good old / New Screenshot either Emotional , Funny , Romance , Woah , Nyamazing ~ it's up to you !

    ( COMBINE ! )

  • #2
    Good ol' days when gathering raw material was still profitable~


    • #3
      Back in the Good Ol' Days ...


      • #4
        Just taking a little nap~ How cute~


        • #5
          Bump for great justice (ʘ∇ʘ)彡

          The joyous times that was the x12 exp rate lol. Grinding from 1-90 was such a breeze it's not even worth mentioning, altho 90-100 was quite a bit harder without the new Abyssal Tower hahah

          How does it feel like to chew ten wasabi mandragora; you just straight up astral projected without a head


          • #6
            It's really been a tiring day in real life... , and i tried anything to actually make me happy about it , sadly ..nothing much ...haha;
            and then i found out that Dumpty Island actually there , and so ... well here i am ... stuck at the island and looking at moon... ( which actually nice too )
            accompany myself with some drinks and food while looking at it calms me down ... for some reason ^^a;
            ​​( Look at the dumpty sho cuute.... :3 ~ )


            • #7
              Posting Some Screenshots ~
              Fun at magic library ~

              ( Guard the priest while she doing the Ressurection ! ~ )
              ( Chatters )
              ( Briefing ~ )

              But really.. since i don't really know what to do ~ , i actually find doing screenshot like this ... fun xD )


              • Naruchii-
                Naruchii- commented
                Editing a comment
                I really like "Guard the Priest" screenshot!
                Looks amazing~
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