Welcome to Usatsune, we are looking for new/old English members who wish to join the Ring.

About Us
I myself love rabbits, and my wife love foxes by forming the two names, Usagi and Kitsune a play on both animals to create Usatsune.

We are a American guild, however if you live outside of America feel free to join in also, We could use some guidance from ECO gurus also. So for those new English players who are confused on how to play, where to start or general questions, pitch me a DM either In Game/Discord/or on Forums.

Current Events

One of the events we are hosting, will be in battle arena with the cap of 25 and under. In name Battle Arena King/Queen. The events is based for newer players, prizes vary between Discord and In-Game items.

How to Join

Just click the giant Join Us Above.
Skipping all that DM me on Forums, or In Game for an Invite, we will meet in East Bridge.
Or DM me on Discord - Eridonis#6801