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  • Buy item Magnet

    I want to buy Magnet.

    <==== Magnet

    I trade you each 1 for 30K.
    You may contact me by Reply or PM or Discord.
    IGN : Zerop
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  • #2
    What do you need the magnet for? Maybe I can help with the finished item instead


    • #3
      I wanna make a Motor.

      (Motor) = (Battery) + (Magnet) + (Coil)

      I know that Battery and Coil can be drop from all BuriKingX(The robot monster).
      But I don't know how to drop/find a Magnet.


      • #4
        For a chainsword, chainaxe, or for the nekomata Ai quest?


        • #5
          Chainsword is the target craft.


          • #6
            Thank you Ryozeta
            ​I am appreciate that you wanted to help me with a finished item.

            But I 'm please to know, How to find the materials or where to buy/trade for it. (In this case, Magnet).
            Eventually sometime, the limitation of character's JOB and level. Made it so much difficult to find some item to craft.
            So, we can use Market(Like this forum) to buy/trade something with something and to get what we wanted.

            This is the exactly what I need to do right now, putting an effort to find/craft things with proud.
            lol, It may sound funny. But yeah! It is.


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