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Christmas Wishlist Event - NOW LIVE!

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  • Christmas Wishlist Event - NOW LIVE!

    Tita: Santa~! I'm so sorry. I've really messed up this time.

    Santa Claus: What's wrong?

    Tita: I was rushing my way up here with your magic gift bag and the list of everyone's Christmas Wishes... But I was mugged by Monsters. T-they've taken everything.

    Santa Claus: Those naughty Monsters, -sighs- I guess they've had enough of receiving coal every year. They always find new ways to get on my Naughty List!

    Tita: Santa, I'm sorry. I.. I'll find some way to get the gifts back!

    Santa Claus: Don't worry about it~ I'll send some helpers to Northern Promade and Acropolis Uptown. We can figure out something there. By the way, did you happen to get a good look at who mugged you?

    Tita: I sure did~ I remember them all~

    And so brave Heroes of Acronia, It is now up to you to save Christmas this year and restore Christmas Cheer!, Here's how you can help!

    Here is a List of Baddies that have taken the Gift Boxes ~

    Pururu || Giant Bubi || Ruby
    Mage Pururu || Pink Wisp || Frosty Crystal
    Cool || White Petite Demon ||
    Metallic || Death ||
    Lost Metallic || Bloody ||
    Mini Metallic || Arcana Jack ||
    Maze Metallic || Queen Card ||
    Maze Mini Metallic || Arcana Queen ||
    Cut Bat || Maze Queen ||
    Giant Crawler || Skeleton Archer ||
    Elder Worm || Wooden Box ||
    Giant Elder Worm || Treasure Box ||
    Tropical Fish || Briking Cannon ||
    Crash Ice || Briking Custom ||
    Edge || Avenger ||
    Salad Urchin || Spell Caster ||
    Kangkang || Ancient Spell Caster ||
    PuruPuru || Lunatic ||
    Dentacle || Noble Armor ||
    Arcana Heart || Ramia ||
    Arcana Diamond || Dominion Blackguard ||
    Arcana Club || Dominion High Blackguard ||
    Willydoo || Flower Pig ||
    Raichi || Skink ||
    Coconut || Magi ||
    Cinnamon || Unidentified Body ||
    Crimson Chief || Unidentified Body ||
    Night Stalk || Unidentified Body ||
    Jerev || Banshee ||
    Living Dead || Fury ||
    Skeleton || Phoenix ||
    Mummy || Phoenix ||
    Dried Corpse || King Bird ||
    Ancient Death Messenger || Mock ||
    Giant Spider || Mokju ||
    Giant Spider || Morri ||
    Wisp || Crystal Urchin ||
    Bubi || Snow Crystal ||

    Where they are found, we have no clue! If you happen to see them; Please get back the Gift Boxes!
    You can find Sleigh Handler, Uptown; She will guide you to Northern Promade where you can turn-in Gift Boxes for very special gifts!

    Last edited by Tita; 12-24-2017, 05:22 AM.
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