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Shared exp in party and the penalties

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  • Shared exp in party and the penalties

    There are three separate factors that determine how many Exp you get from a monster in a party, and all of them work multiplicatively on each other, so it is wise to keep an eye on all of them lest you end up earning 1% exp out of the hard mob you've just killed

    1. Amount of online party members in range
    The range in question is roughly equal to the default line of sight in the game from where the monster dies. For each active party member beyond the first, the exp each member get is reduced by 10% additively. So, two members will get 90%, three members will get 80% and so forth.

    Also take note that currently the line of sight in the game is doubled, but it doesn't affect the party exp share range.
    2. Level difference between your party members
    The penalty you get is determined from the level difference between your highest and lowest party member, and the same penalty is applied to everyone in the party.
    Level Difference EXP Penalty
    0 - 9 0%
    10 - 19 10%
    20 - 29 50%
    30++ 90%
    Again, this only take into account party members in the range. You will still earn full exp while having a lv1 character in your party, as long as they are out of range.
    3. Level difference between you and the monster
    This one is a bit tricky. This same penalty also applies when you're killing monsters outside of the party, and it apples individually to each party members. I decided to include this here because the penalty is applied after all the previous penalty is calculated, therefore it can really reduce your earned exp to pitiful levels
    Level Difference EXP Penalty
    0 - 25 0%
    26 - 30 25%
    31 - 35 50%
    36 - 40 75%
    41++ 90%
    Again, all of these penalties are applied on the top of each other. So let's say you're in a 4 man party, and your level is 85 while the lowest one is 68, then you're killing lv122 mob. You will earn 15.75% exp out of the mob, while the lv 68 player will earn 6.3% exp out of the monster.

    If you see any mistakes, or you've seen things working differently in the game, don't hesitate to post here! Any SS as a proof will be very much appreciated.

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    Thanks for all the hard-work as usual~


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