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Joining Faction and Acropolish City Pass Quest

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  • Joining Faction and Acropolish City Pass Quest

    Ever sold your Acropolish City Pass by chance and can't enter Uptown? Or did you just made a DEM and don't get your Acropolish City Pass and think that's a bug?

    Well, it's not a bug tho...

    All you need is do this quest

    First, you need to have at least 10 Fame.

    Then, go to any Acrolpolish Bridge (there are east, west, south and north) and find this kind of building:
    1. Faction_Building.PNG
    (note: the color is different in each side, north is blue, east is green, west is yellow and south is red)

    Go inside and meet the Faction Commander, said that you want to join the Faction, put you Sign there and done. You will get this two item:
    2. Item.PNG
    (note: the color is different for each Faction)

    If you already have a Acropolish City Pass before, your old one will become Forged Acropolish City Pass, well, just keep it, it's the same as the normal one and DON'T EVER SELL IT, since there one of my friends that sell one of this and somehow can't enter Uptown.

    > What the benefit of joining Faction?
    1. You can enter your Faction's region without pass
    *I suggest you to take the north or south faction, why? Because you only need 1 pass to go to East region and can enter Fareast and Morg city (via Sky Tower Island) by using our Sexy bike girl at Downtown, but still, it's up to you

    2. If you already have an AirShip and it's sail booster, you can fly to your region town
    *there some kind of bug that show you all the region town like this:
    3. AirShip_Destination.PNG
    but if you choose the first town region option there, you will fly to:
    Fareast City => East Cape
    Iron South => South Cape
    Northern Promenade => North Cape
    and the real region town is the one bellow

    that's all, thanks for reading, and choose your partner well, ugh, i mean choose your faction well :3

    See you next time~