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Lv 80 Armor and Ticket to Light Tower's Discount

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  • Lv 80 Armor and Ticket to Light Tower's Discount

    Did you realize, that when you raising your level, your char height and weight increase too? If you don't believe me, then try to buy the ticket to go to the Light Tower.

    The ticket seller will measuring your height and weight, then the ticket price will be 200G * your base level. BUT! Since today is special, he will lower it to 100G.

    Aren't he kind?

    No buddy, its a scam!

    If you want to know the truth, then let's do this quest

    First, you need to go to Morg City, it's an island at southwest of Acropolish City, to go there you need a Morg Land Pass then go to BettleShip Island, there you can fly to Morg City, but since we have that motorbike girl, you can just go to Sky Tower Island then go to Morg City. (flying motorbike! just how? ah, logic dosen't matter as long as its free and fast, bear with it )

    Here Morg City map: 1. Morg_City.PNG

    Go to the Morg Governmental Office (1 building), then talk to Newsman Jiggi. He will ask your help, make sure you said yes. (all 2nd choice)

    After that go to the Warrior Guild Branch (2 building), then talk to Violeta. Said that you are there for Jiggi's request. She will ask you to join the investigation.

    Next, meet Hinmel at the Diermant Private Refinery (3 building). Even he is wierd, please just said that you are there for Violeta's request. Then he will said that someone took the evidence and you need to go to Light Tower.

    Buy the ticket to Light Tower at 4 building, then go to west portal to enter Light Tower. From here you need to go to the bridge that connect the A8 and B8 floor (A tower is the north side and the B tower is the southwest one). You will see a Suspicious Man there.

    Talk to that Suspicious Man, he will ask who are you, so lets just follow the drama and ask for the proof. You are late buddy, he already throw it, its a pity, Ha-ha-ha, so please don't glare at him that way.

    Now, we need to look for it, where you ask? Rememmber Newton's gravity law? If he throw it from here, where it will be now? YES, bottom floor. Go to the outside map, its name is Light Tower Grounds, then go to the west side, here the map: 2. Light_Tower_Grounds.PNG

    At that corner somehow there will be a dialogue and you will get this: 3. Evidential_Document.png

    All you need to do now is back to Jiggi, happy ending, he will give you 5000G as reward, yay, i'm rich now :v
    That's all? Really? Nope, go check 4 building, now the ticket to Light Tower will only cost you 50G * your base level and you can buy Armor lv 80 at Celebrity Exclusice Shop, left one is for spelluser and every job armor, right one is for fighter armor and silver bag for merchant.
    4. Shop.PNG

    Example of all job armor for female and silver bag left and right:
    5. Armor.PNG

    She is cute right? ah, i mean the armor and the bag is good right?

    Thanks for reading and happy hunting at Light Tower.

    It's my first guide post, hope it's help a little, if there any mistake, please just tell me.
    All thanks to Swivel that force me to make this guide and Hisa that willing to be my lovely model
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    Did you realize, that when you raising your level, your char height and weight increase too?
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