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How to Stay Strong yet Fashionable~!!

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  • How to Stay Strong yet Fashionable~!!

    There are so many cool fashion out there, yet its really a hassle to change between fashion and armor
    Well, Don't Worry~!
    ECO provide a system to overcome this problem ...

    1. Go to Fareast City and infiltrate the Enigma Group Fortress ~
    2. Talk to Leader Buru (if this is your first time, if not jump to number 3)

    He will said that Yoko is sick and you need to deliver medicine for her~

    Go to Saint Island to reach Yoko's House and Deliver the Medicine from Leader Buru ...

    After delivered the medicine, re-talk to Yoko again until there's a option asking "What Buru's request?"
    Offer to help her deliver the Buru's Mask and Leader Buru will once again give you medicine to Deliver to Yoko
    After delivered yet ANOTHER medicine ... Yoko will accept your request to fusion things~!

    3. Talk to Yoko and pick 'Weapon Synthesis'
    and Option window such as below will appears

    The appearance column will give you all kind of fashion and armor you have in your bag (what you equip won't appear there)
    Pick out the fashion first and the armor that can be fusion with it will appear in the next column~!
    After deciding on your choice click 'OK' and another option window would appear ...

    Fusioning items usually have 90%-80% chance of success and you need to pay 1000G X Lv of the Armor for each try!!
    Don't worry nothing will be gone except your gold if you fail to fuse it~
    When you have succeed fusioning your armor and fashion, the armor in your inventory window will have a 'Star Mark' on it

    It will also write the name of fashion your use as its appearance~!

    Fusion have several restriction that you need to follow, such as;
    1. The Appearance item level MUST be lower than the armor~!
    2. Both of the appearance item and armor to be fused MUST be in the same Category, Race, Gender and Job required~!
    (UNLESS!!! the appearance item can be used by all but the armor restricted for a certain job/level only then the fusion CAN be done)
    3. You can re-fuse armor that you already fuse before, but the previous appearance would be gone forever~!
    4. You CANNOT undo a fused items~!!


    This fusion cannot be done even tho both items are Hammer because one is 1H Hammer and the other one is 2H Hammer


    You can re-fuse item that already fused as long as it's follow all the necessary restriction~!

    Now that You can try it and be Fashionable with your armor too~!!
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