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Basic Information for Newbie at AECO

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  • Basic Information for Newbie at AECO

    How to travel efficiently
    This can normally be achieve by using Space-Time Key
    , this item can be bought at Guild Merchant in Iron City, Northern Promenade, Morg City, Fareast City (Enigma), and Tonka for 500G~!
    Another way (exclusively in AECO) is using the service of Resistance Mercenary NPC

    This NPC is available at Downtown, Iron City, North Promenade, Sky Tower Island, and Fareast City for FREE~!!

    How to make your character look better
    You can change you character face and hair after making the character using command /hair and /face just simply by write it down in your chatbox ...
    For example:

    This face and hair is using code ::
    /hair 108 108 1

    The first 108 is for your hair type (long, short, wavy, straight, etc)
    The second 108 is for your extension (ears, ponytail, etc)
    The last number 1 is your hair color (red, blue, pink, green, etc)
    For the complete guide for hair, please visit this post :
    /face 130
    Unlike hair code, when using face code to change your eyes color is just by adding more number to your code like if 130 is red eyes,
    then using 131 would give you that shape of eyes with purple color~
    For the complete guide for face, please visit this post :

    What is Fame and What is it for
    In ECO there's some places and some Quests that can only be accessible when you already have a certain number of fame ...
    Fame is obtainable by doing normal Quests that you can get from Cafe Madonna in East/West/North/South Plains, in Light Tower, Undead Castle and from every Cafe in Fareast City, Enigma Fortress, Morg City, Iron City, North Promenade, and Tonka~!
    But, not all Quests available for you would necessarily give you fame ...

    From this picture you can see the example of available Quests that can be taken,
    Realize there's some Quests written in Yellow, White and Darken ..
    If you taking Quests written in Yellow or White you would gain fame beside the EXP & Money for the Quest~!
    But, if you take the Quests written with a Darken color, you will only receive EXP & Money upon finishing it but not fame ~!!
    This is because your level is already far more ahead than the level needed to finish the Quest,
    thus those Quests counted as too easy for you ..

    So, how to check your accumulated fame ?
    Simple just visit this NPC (Bulletin's Board Fairy) in East Plains and she will tell you have much fame you have~!

    How to Reset Status and Skill
    There is 3 ways to do this;
    1. Go to The North Promenade and Speak with the Sorcerer's Subordinate, This method can only be use ONCEper-character~
    (to come in into the Sorcerer's Room you have to me a mage or posses into a mage)

    2. Buy the Reset item from Bad Merchant at Uptown, it will cost you 3 Silver Medal each but you can do this UNLIMITEDLY~!

    3. Your stat and skills are automaticly reset when you just reincarnated!

    What is Golem and How to get them
    Golem is a specially processed marionette that allow us to open store (selling or purchasing) and searching for random items ...
    To make a Golem, you need to have at least one marionette and one golem goblet ..

    Go to the Guild Palace 4F and meet the Marionettist Master

    If this is the first time you seeing him, you will get A Free Golem Goblet, If not buy one first @10,000G
    You can also obtain Golem Goblet from opening wooden box, treasure chest and container ...

    When you have your marionette and golem goblet ready, talk to Marionettist Master again, and select "Create Golem"

    After finished creating golem, you will lose your golem goblet and marionette in exchange for a Golem ...

    Upon using it, a table of choices such as above will appear ..
    These are choices of what you want your Golem to do~

    When you finish setting up your Golem, Log out and a third choice will appear ...
    Pick this choice to activate your Golem~!!

    Caution: Golem ONLY active when the character using that Golem is offline, when the character back online you will receive a result report from the activity that your Golem did and when you log out again the Golem won't be activate UNLESS you re-setting it again before logging out ...

    Hope this Guide will Help YOU to Fully Enjoy your AECO Experience
    - Feel Free to Ask Any Additional Information You may Need -
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    Imma like this post but comic sans??


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      *turns out i need atleast 10 characters to post this comment*

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      I used georgia @@
      the comic sans just for the -To be continue- is it not ?@@
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    Thanks as always Naruchii- but where can i get nymph?


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      Alexandria Your Welcome~!

      Err.. You meant Nymph Marrionette? you can get it from the rare drop of the monster Fairy @Momo plains


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        hello there, Alexandria,
        if you want a Nymph marionette, It's very easy!

        First off you'll need a Jade, (Rare drop from Banshees and Furies using Fairy Knowledge, or you can get them from Eastern Watchdog in front of the dungeon entrance. one item per account)
        and a Curious Pupa (uncommon Drop from Nymph Tree)

        after you collected both,
        Go to The Virgin Forest (It's northeast of the Eastern Dungeon)
        Then go at the southwest part of the virgin forest map
        Wander around at the dead end until you're warped to the Poison swamp, then go to the portal
        Talk to nymph chief, (You'll get a text less prompt, Chose Yes)
        Congratulations! you've got your own Nymph marionette!~

        PS: i got mine in less than 30 minutes starting with nothing.
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          Ruka Urushibara already got it not long after naruchi replied & I lazy to make it better to just get from drop