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IRIS card mistranslation corrections and effects

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  • IRIS card mistranslation corrections and effects

    As you may have notice, IRIS card in Atomix has different WORDINGS on the description than the official ones, but not different in EFFECT.
    Like, zantetsu becomes Metal Knowledge.

    That is because of some mistranslations, and this are what they are supposed to be:

    Format: "Atomix Description" --should be-- "Official Server Description" --> "Effect"

    Strength Up --should be-- Basic Health ----> Increase Max HP (so this doesn't increase STR)
    Magic Up ---- Basic Intelligence ----> Increase Max MP (so this doesn't increase MAG)
    Tech Up ---- Basic Technology ----> Increase Max SP

    Giant Cling---- Giant Killing ----> Decrease the loss of accuracy when fighting monsters above your level
    Metal Knowledge ---- Zantetsu ----> Increase Critical Chance
    Water Knowledge ---- Stream ----> Same as 'Harm Reduce' of glorious manteau. Reduce the physical attack taken
    Durability Knowledge ---- Endurance ----> Increase Left Defense, another reduction of physical attack taken

    Weapon Breeder ---- Weapon Builder ----> Increase Weapon's damage (by amount at low lv, by % at higher lv)
    Armor Breeder ---- Armor Builder ----> Increase Armor's max def and m.def by a tiny bit
    Short Range Burst ---- Short Range Burst ----> Increase s.hit (short range accuracy)
    Long Range Burst ---- Long Range Burst ----> Increase l.hit (long range accuracy)
    Magic Burst ---- Magic Burst ----> Increase m.atk, but too low to be significant

    Top Breeder Knowledge ---- Top Breeder ----> Increase the chance of pet getting +stat when hunting
    Packaging Knowledge ---- Package ----> Increase max cap & weight (as % of your max cap & weight), as far as i know this doesn't work in Atomix

    Investment Secrets ---- Absolute Mastery ----> Increase throwing weapon damage in %
    Ties of True Love ---- True Love's Bond ----> Increase Max. HP, and def at higher lv

    *effects will increase and vary between cards according to the level. Like ones with Basic Health can give you +VIT at higher level. To see this, right click on your iris card and open the purple tab. There you can see the exact effect and can try to see what it will gives when leveled up
    **the amount shown may be bugged in this server tho ._.

    Hope that helps, more will come
    I also used to get my hopes up when seeing "Strength Up" turns out it's just HP up
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    Here some list of IRIS cards, hope you can translate the rest of ability names.


    • Swivel
      Swivel commented
      Editing a comment
      Done~ Everything we can get in AECO is in there )

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    Where to exchange IRIS cards beside Acropolis?

    1) North Promenade

    2) Upper Iron South City

    What kind of IRIS cards can you get?

    Normal IRIS


    Iron South


    Northern Promenade

    Iron South


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