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  • [March Event Details][Cancelled]

    [March Event] Player Idol Group.

    Players will have to be in a group composed of 2 or more members.
    The group will register their group name and members(Player Names In-Game) in the Event Section of Acronia (Atomix) Forum.

    Each group must wear idol style clothing. (doesn't matter if it's flashy, cool, punk, or otherwise) and Microphones (if you don't have one you'll be able to rent one before the event actually happens so don't worry about it.)(Only the Lead Singer(or backup) needs to have the mic, not EVERYONE. Sorry bout that.)

    You will be performing on-stage (in-game) you will need to submit a MMD-Made Youtube Video(This video doesn't need to be made by the group. Just find one you and your group like best.) of the Song you'll be *performing.

    How you perform is totally up to you and your group. Wether you choose to stand there and do nothing until the song is over; Pose or even using dance emotes. It's up to YOU to figure out your groups routine.

    You will be judged on some key factors. "Group Style", "Group Coordination", "MMD Song Used and how well it matches your group."

    So with that being said, this event is slated for March~ an official date has not been set yet.

    This event in no way will have you singing or otherwise IRL. This is STRICTLY IN-GAME ONLY.

    Event Cancelled until further notice. Things came up and such. :/
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