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  • Strawpoll for Acronia~

    -Greetings Acronia so I have this thing (Strawpoll) I'd like your input on. I would greatly appriciate it if you took some to check them out. #01

    and #02


    Also, for Poll #02, you can just leave a comment here.
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    My fave eco bgm... it's a bit hard to choose, I like 1012, 1086, and 1062. The first two are very familiar to me since my newbie days, while I like the third one simply cuz I like how it sounds. Altho I never really knew what's the actual name for these tracks hahah.


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    Since you've ask~

    but what i like most is bgm_1086~ , bgm_1164~ ,and bgm_1163~ ( ohh 1164 and 1163 not on game but on sound folder~ )
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      My favorites are as follows:
      bgm_1013 (The World of Curiosity)
      bgm_1014 (Play in the Wilderness)
      bgm_1015 (My Country [Dear My Friends])
      bgm_1020 (Living Together in a Village)
      bgm_1022 (unknown title)
      bgm_1081 (Dear My Friends [Dear My Friends])
      bgm_1082 (Day-to-day Sweet-to-sweet)
      bgm_1085 (Flair for Life)
      bgm_1086 (The Tune of Vesper (from soundtrack))
      bgm_1093 (Holy Stream)
      bgm_1141 (Memories [Dear My Friends])
      bgm_1149 (Emil Theme [Dear My Friends])
      bgm_1150 (Happy Merry Feeling [The World of Curiosity])
      bgm_1154 (unknown title) kinda reminds me of RO
      bgm_1162 (unknown title) her voice is nice...
      bgm_1163 (unknown title)
      bgm_1169 (unknown title)
      bgm_1175 (miko - Sakura has come) [Official Site] [Free Off vocal] [Oricon ¥234] it's miko from IOSYS!
      bgm_1178 (miko - 最強夏祭り☆宣言) [Official Site] [Free Off vocal] [Amazon $20.00]
      bgm_1180 (桜川めぐ - マシュマロビート) [Official Site]
      bgm_1181 (miko - ミラクル★きのこ★クロニクル) [Official Site] [Free Off vocal] [Amazon $17.32]
      bgm_1183 (桜川めぐ - Wonderシュガームーン) [Official Site] Tita's voice is so heavenly... i'm gonna cry...
      bgm_1184 (miko - Happy newYeah!!!!!) [Official Site] [Free Off vocal] [Oricon ¥324]

      Was it too much? (´・ω・`)

      Edit: as for bgm_1175 to bgm_1191 (With the exception of bgm_1190) are supposed to be a 26 - 45 seconds demo for ECO's seasonal Music CDs that you can play in game from The CD Player furniture (Currently inapplicable in Atomix Server). you can view the CD's Site Here. its price varies from 円1,500 to 円,3,000 (mostly 円1,500) Per Track.
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      • Ruka Urushibara
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        great, i ended up advertising in the end...

      • Ventfleur
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        Since you said things about bgm_1183, I gave it a shot to hear the preview one at the site...

        Here lemme cry with you D:

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      I find myself fond of the following BGMs:

      bgm_1000 (For it has the feel of the beginning of all my adventures in AECO).
      bgm_1015 (This has calming feel that I really like to listen).
      bgm_1023 (When I listen to this, two things came to mind while travelling: hello and goodbyes).
      bgm_1056 (Mysterious, I'd say. Not much would like to hear this one but I find it pretty interesting, as you can't tell what's the content of a coverless plain book without seeing inside).
      bgm_1082 (Yes, another calming one in my opinion. Gosh I like this soothing feeling).

      ...and many more that I don't wanna bother to list 'em all lmao *runs off*


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        I don't remember the number but I really like downtown bgm, it's really calming me down


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