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-= Leveling Up for First Class =-

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  • -= Leveling Up for First Class =-

    In ECO there are several types of "First Class" , which are;
    Fighter Class
    - Swordsman
    - Fencer
    - Scout
    - Archer

    Spell User Class
    - Wizard
    - Shaman
    - Warlock
    - Vates

    Backpacker Class
    - Ranger
    - Farmer
    - Merchant
    - Miner

    Each types of "First Class" has its on specific quests when reached a certain level and these class specific quests
    are special because they gave more Job EXP than Base EXP!
    Those Quests are;
    Fighter Class
    #Lv19 Bear Subjugation
    #Lv22 Defeat Cave Bears
    #Lv24 Please Defeat Cave Loki
    #Lv24 Defeat Living Dead
    #Lv29 Snakehead Fish Subjugation
    #Lv34 Heavenly Birds
    #Lv34 Water Crystal (Exclusive for Archers)

    Spell User Class
    #Lv4 Kill Amber Jellies
    #Lv4 Killer Bees Subjugation
    #Lv14 Fly fish Exterminations
    #Lv14 Caterpillar Subjugation
    #Lv34 Hermit Crab Discovery

    Backpacker Class
    #Lv34 Those Green Things!
    (Backpacker Class has more collecting Quests than hunting Quests, but collecting Quests give you the same amount of Base & Job EXP)

    You can use this special Quests as a guidance to where you should be leveling,
    I will also give out my own hunting spot for the way I level up my characters~

    Although, Since mainly my characters are Backpacker Class ,
    my hunting spots might be too slow pace for Fighter Class or Spell User Class ...

    Leveling up as a new player,
    What I do is go to Cafe Employee at Eastern Plains and take Collecting Jerico Quest and upon finishing it I reached Lv3!
    Here I changed my character job first before continue to leveling~

    There are 2 options that I have went through on this stage,
    1. I continue leveling from Quests that available for me
    2. I went to hunt Milk Pitcher in Acronia Forest
    (Why Milk Pitcher? Because this monster gives more Job EXP which is what really necessary to advanced to the next job, and later on there are more monster that gives off more Base EXP rather than Job EXP so it's best to accumulate more now)

    When I reached Lv8, go back to your Job Master and buy Fareast Republic Pass for 3,000G
    (this can only be done by Backpacker Class so for any other job you can try to buy from someone else, or make an alt character with Backpacker Class)
    Then, go to the East Cape and give that pass to the Guards to reach Momo Plains ...
    FYI, you only need to buy this Pass ONCE!!
    I hunt at Momo Plains while doing several general Quests until I reached Lv30
    (For what I hunt at Momo Plains, you can read it on my Farmer Guide here

    After you reach Lv30 there are several choices of where you could leveling,
    A. You could go to South, and there are a few choices of monsters you can hunt;
    1. KangKang in Iron South Street (which also have its own subjugation Quests at Lv34 & Lv39)
    2. Cinnamon in Iron South Street (it has collecting Quests at Lv44, BUT hunting them before you are Lv50 are NOT recommended unless your job is shaman)
    3. Chimera in South Dungeon B2F (you should implant Fire IRIS card in your armor if you are planning to hunt Chimeras)

    B. You could head West to Hunt at LT ...
    Hunting at LT, specifically monster called Twinkle can be much easier if you have
    mount 2Legged-Robot whatever your job is.
    (you could buy this mount at Tonka for 1,000,000G)

    C. You could also go to Continental Cave B5F and hunt Sandfish (you should implant Fire IRIS card in your weapon for this)

    When you reach Lv50, You can go back to your job Master to advanced your job!!
    ~Happy Hunting Everyone~
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    i thank youuuu <3 naruchiii ~
    this is gud for us all ~ xD