(I just played as Scout myself,so don't expect it to be a boss-killing build or stuff,its still on development as of today,so It will be edited from time to time.)

So,without further ado,here's a guide in making your Scout.

How to become a scout? Click this link here : http://emilchronicle.com/wiki/index.php/Scout

Skill guide :
Conceal -> Lvl 1
Increase MAX HP -> Lvl 5
Increase MAX SP -> Lvl 5
Dagger Mastery -> Lvl 5
Increase SP Regeneration -> Lvl 5
Concentration -> Lvl 1 (Just so you dont miss stuff.)
Increase Critical -> Lvl 5 (very important due to at least 80-90% crit proc rate after buffing.)
Unforeseen Onslaught -> Lvl 5 (Important for your hunting needs,but be patient since its a lvl 40 skill.)
Multi Thrust -> Lvl 5

Why there's no Increase HP Regen? Well,to begin with,You're topped off with a small HP limit even before advancing your job (700-800 HP ish on Job 50 and Lvl 50.),Secondly,You're relying on Avoid Rate,not your defense.

Status Guide :
All you need to do,is firstly to increase your STR,DEX,and AGI.
Maintain your STR higher than your AGI by at least 4-5 points,and your AGI higher than your dex by at least 8-10 points. (i.e if your STR is 40,then your agi is 36-35,and your DEX around 28-25 points)
You may need to increase your VIT at times so you can at least not die every time,but don't exceed more than 30 points.

Leveling Guide : http://bit.ly/firstclassjob (By @Naruchii and @Miyuki~Kyuketsuki)
At times,you will feel a bit heavy to level this job (Believe me,I did at around Level 30.) as you wont have any attack skill just yet. this is where you need to use element-augmented weapons and armors to help you hunt.
As for me,you need :
->Any lvl 15 armor with slot on it. Have 4 of them so you can change them depending on your enemy.
->3 Scout Claws. (Buy them on Staff Desert.)

Now,you have to augment your weapons and armors with elements. This can be done using IRIS Cards. You can buy these on West Downtown,at Card Lab,simply talk to Crasher Bakia to enter the Card Lab,then speak to Crasher Bakia again to buy Blank IRIS Cards. To make it usable,go to the Dreaming Hallelujah NPC and pick the type of card you have on your inventory,then its up to you whether to choose left hand,right hand,or both hand,it wont affect anything. (Yes. It wont.)

You'll need :
2 Water Element IRIS Card
2 Earth Element IRIS Card
1 Fire Element IRIS Card
1 Dark Element IRIS Card.
1 Wind Element IRIS Card.

After getting all the IRIS Cards,You'll have to augment your armor with Wind,Water,Earth,and Fire IRIS Cards,and your weapon with Water,Earth,and Dark IRIS Cards.
Do this by simply right clicking the equipment,then press the かード button. Drag the IRIS to the blank Slot and click "Slot Lock" to lock it.
You should be able to hunt on your lvl 30s with ease (Just don't forget to bring some recovery potions.)

After you reached lvl 40,Move to Light Tower,this time using your Earth Elemental Scout Claw to kill Twinkle. Spam your Unforeseen Onslaught until its dead. In here,you'll need at least 38+ STR so you'll have decent damage to the mob. Level here until you're lvl 51/50,get your Multi Thrust skill,and go advance to Assassin.

Guide to become an Assassin : http://emilchronicle.com/wiki/index.php/Assassin