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  • Farmer Tutorial ♥

    What is Farmer?

    Farmer is one of the Backpacker Class in Emil Chronicle Online.
    It is also the only job that can Cook and Tailoring.
    Farmer is a Plant Expert, so there are some drop from plants that can only be obtained if you are playing as Farmer.
    To get this job, player DOES NOT need any requirement to take the Quest.

    How to be a Farmer?

    1. To get a job as a Farmer, first you need to go to Guild Palace at Acropolis Uptown.
    2. Go to the Farm Master, He is at the 3rd Floor of Guild Palace

    (The Farm Master is in a room with this Carpet at the front of it)

    3. He will ask you to get "2 Giant Barley Straw"
    you can get Giant Barley Straw from hunting Giant Barley at Far East Main Street, East Cape or Acronia Forest.

    (Please remember that it is NOT 100% drop so, you need to do several attempt to get them!! Also, Giant Barley Grass DO NOT drop the Giant Barley Straw only Giant Barley does...)

    Once you have 2 Giant Barley Straw, return to the Farm Master.

    (Sorry that for the picture I only have one :P)

    4. Talk to him and he will ask you to unequip whatever equipment you are using to put a Farmer's Tatto (which you cannot see),
    after that CONGRATULATIONS! you are a Farmer now~!! ^^
    Put back you equipment and talk to him again to receive a White Ribbon and a Flower Brooch, also your first skill!

    What to do after becoming a Farmer?

    The first thing you wanna do is to gain Level !
    My recommendation is that for people to do simple quests from Cafe Employee that you could found at Acronia Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern Plains (this is better since you can gain level and money at the same time) OR you could also just hunt Pururu, Urchin and Crawler there to get at least lv5!

    After that, you should go to Momo Plains ... (You could buy the ticket @Farm Master for 3k gold and you only need it once)
    Young Cocko is the best mob that you should be hunting when you are below level 15, although when you reach level 10 (depending on your status) you should be able to hunt Baby Cocko as variants, which give more Job EXP!

    Another alternative is to hunt Bawoo at Snow Fork ..

    I personally, recommend that you collect ingredients to cook simple food as Potions for easier hunting after reaching level 12.
    What I recommend for simple cook (if you take the skill) are;

    You can obtain all the fruits easily by hitting trees at Fareast City and for the Soda can be obtained by hunting Pururu at Acronia Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern Plains ..

    As a
    Backpacker Class, it is easier to level up via Questing ...
    Although if you enjoy slow pace leveling like I do then you could continue to leveling in Momo Plains until around lv30,
    Merciless Blow is a MUST HAVE skill to solo leveling as a
    Backpacker Class!
    By the time you reach level 20 you should be able to kill almost every mob in Momo Plains (with potions) except Vega, Heavenly Vega, Reckless Gecko and Banshee (you may be able to kill Vega and Banshee around level 25 depending on your status build).

    After reaching lv30,
    You should move to Iron South Street and hunting Kangkang until you reach around lv50 before moving to Light Tower Ground or if you have mount 2Legged-Robot (you could buy this mount at Tonka for 1,000,000G), you could just instantly hunt Twinkle at Light Tower Ground (potions is still needed tho!).

    There's a hidden shop at
    Acropolis Uptown that sells Farmer's Armor for lv35,
    to unlock it talk to Sapane at east side of
    She will ask you to collect one of these items:
    • 12 Needle
    • 60 Flower
    • 3 Orange Powder
    • 3 Blue Powder
    • 3 Lime Green Powder
    • 60 Cloth
    BUT!!! You if you talk to her when your level is above lv20,
    she will ask you to collect one of these items instead:
    • 10 Bouquet
    • 15 Leather
    Personally, I recommend you talk to her and unlock this shop when you are above lv20~ ♥

    Feel Free to ask anything if you need more information about this class~ ^^
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    Thanks for the lovely guide! Your pictures seem to be broken though. :<


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      O.o all of them? Okay I will try to re-upload it again~