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How to be a Swordman [ Tutorial ]

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  • How to be a Swordman [ Tutorial ]

    Hello ~ , i will now tell you how to be Swordman in ECO
    ( Honestly People usually just run and go for Wikia on this though .... :'3 )

    Introducing :

    Sword-Girl < Mikane Sebiri-chan >

    She will be your tutor In-game if you can see her ~
    ( Actually just go for ReisenUdonge if you don't see her >.>;; )

    Your requirement for being Swordman :

    - STR : At least 10

    Steps :

    - Go to Guild Palace At Uptown of Acronia city ,

    Pro tip : You could travel to this place much faster when you go inside to the uptown by the North gate

    - Go inside and Select [ 2nd Floor ]

    - Find for Swordsman Guild room

    ( Room with this emblem )

    - Go inside and talk to the Swordsman Master

    He will give you a Test
    which is bring [ Meat ] For him

    How to find meat ?

    Meat can be obtained by killing Bawoo

    You can find Bawoos Near these location

    - Lake Utena
    - Lake Utena Estuary
    - Snov Mountain Road ( < Recommend here as they spawn alot here )

    - After you obtain [ Meat ] Bring it back to Swordsman Master

    He will ask you to go Naked. for input Tattoo ( which you can't see at all )

    so ....

    - Unequip all of your Equipment then talk to Swordsman Master

    ( a picture that shows she obviously unhappy with the fact she need to go undress all her cloth for male he don't know )

    - After he bless you with the Tattoo Go equip all of your Equipment and talk to him again to obtain Starting equipment

    Congratulation !

    You have become Swordsman

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