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How To be an Archer in Eco [ Tutorial ]

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  • How To be an Archer in Eco [ Tutorial ]

    Hello ~ ,Rei rei here !
    i'm here to introduce Archer Job for you guys who are still new on the server *clap clap clap * ~

    First of all

    Warning This job will require lots ... Lots of money for supplying Arrows / Bullets so ... if you want your First character to be Archer is not really recommended .

    ( But hey , it's nice to challenge your self right ? ;3 )

    You Require :

    INT : at least 10

    Steps :

    Come into Uptown and go to the Guild Palace

    So yeah ~ ( Oh gosh the SS too big isn't it ? :/ )

    go ahead and get in ! ,
    get into the middle portal and select

    [ 2nd Floor ]

    search for Archer Guild's Room
    ( you can spot a Fire lock and Bow emblem shown like this )

    ( That emblem )

    Then come on in ! , go ahead and go inside the room !
    and you will spot

    [Archer Master ]

    Speak to her !

    After you speak about you want to be an Archer
    she will challenge you with asking you to bring

    [ Self Made Arrow ]

    Recipe for Self Made Arrow
    1. Tree branch

    Obtained from : Small Tree
    Nearest Location : [ Acronia Forest ]

    2. ChockKo Wing

    Obtained from : ChockKo
    Nearest Location : [ Lake Utena ]

    How to make the Self Made Arrow

    Go to Downtown South
    and go to
    [ Weapon Smith place ]

    Go inside and talk to the WeaponSmith


    [ Request to Craft Arrows ]

    and go ahead select the available recipe

    Confirm and Congratulation you obtained

    [ 50 Self Made Arrow ]

    Go ahead and go back into Guild Palace , and talk to [ Archer Master ]

    She will ask you to remove all of your Equipment , to attach a tattoo [ which you cannot see at all ]
    Basically she want you to be naked ! XD)

    Once she done with the tattoo or rubbing your stomach , go ahead and Equip all your equipment

    Talk to her again to obtain Starting item ( please don't hate me if she don't give you anything > A < ;; )

    Congratulation !

    You have become Archer !
    *clap clap clap clap *

    Last edited by Miyuki~Kyuketsuki; 02-16-2017, 08:23 AM.
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