After a while, I finally back to my feet.
I have decided, I will find nothing by just standing there asking question to myself,
I need to find someone that can give me answers, I need to find the answers to all these!

Looking around, I found some tracks,
this mean that there’s a slight chance of survivor from what happened last night, and I can get my answers there.
I re-checked everything I have in my backpack just to make sure I have enough supplies of potions in case the survivor need medical help.

After several vain attempts, I finally found track that don’t lead to any death bodies, but this track is not a good sign.
Everyone in my hometown know that we shouldn’t enter the ancient tower without enough preparation,
the machines that left there by the ‘Tonka Tribe’ are aggressively dangerous,
but who could prepare anything before entering there if they were running away from those things?

I can’ t help but feeling down, there was a slight chance of survivor but who could have guessed now if that survivor still surviving or not.